Lucas & Steve - Up Till Dawn (On The Move)

Pre- Save and win a trip to an Alpaca farm together with Lucas & Steve!

It's not possible anymore to Pre-Save.

In celebration of Lucas & Steve’s brand new single Up Till Dawn (On the Move) we bring you this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Always wanted to get your groove on with an Alpaca? Alpaca your bags and join Lucas & Steve on a rollercoaster ride with some of the coolest Alpaca’s out there! For sure you will be up till dawn drinking cocktails in the sun with these Alpaca bad boys. Get on the move and join this out of this world contest right away!

Just pre-save the single to your favorite personal playlist and win. Pre saving means the track will be added to your favorite playlist. Once the track is released it will show up there and you can be the first to listen.

Alpaca-lypse now!