Fanfiber, Spinnin Records & DJ Merch

Jun 16, 2016

Fanfiber is an international merchandise company which offers a digital solution in merchandise sales for celebrities in all kinds of areas. Spinnin’ Records as a large dance brand together with multiple DJ’s of MusicAllstars Management were looking for a merch solution to boost merch sales, have complete online presence, be able to ship merch throughout the world to all fans and have a professional partner who could handle this and also handle its customer service.

Fanfiber arranges the complete website environment, the sales, the supply and making of the merch itself, the cash out online, the shipping and the customer service. A truly one stop shop formula that helps to get rid of a part of the business for DJ’s that normally brings a lot of questionmarks.

Next to general merch, Spinnin’ Records will launch multiple special merchandise collections via the environment and infrastructure that was co-created with the help of Fanfiber.

Check out the webshop here.