We Rave You interviews Felmax

Mar 18, 2017

We Rave You has just premiered the new Premium release 'Hyperbolic Time Chamber EP' by Felmax, including an exclusive interview with him. Check it out!

Felmax, an artist that is delivering massive beats in a genre that is growing faster than any others right now. In this exclusive article, We Rave You states that trap music is leading the way!

“The bass market has definitely grown through the years, and I really believe trap and dubstep is spreading into other genres and influencing new sounds. I am excited about the general direction of bass music, I think there is unlimited potential and more and more people are willing to work with “bass acts” and some really cool cross-genre collabs are coming out of it all” - Felmax

Find out more about Felmax and his musical ambitions in this exclusive interview! 'Hyperbolic Time Chamber EP' is available as a free download for the next two weeks!


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