Mr. Raden delivers 'Track Of The Week'

Jul 17, 2017

Every week, Spinnin' Records picks a favorite track from its Talent Pool. This time it's Mr. Raden with 'Comeback'.

Mr. Raden is a familiar face in the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool as this 21-year-old already delivered multiple tracks. With this one he reached the 6th spot in de rankings and received a massive support for Comeback. It contains very strong vocals and the future bass tinged vibe is awesome!

Congrats Mr. Raden!


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knighttitan9168 months ago

I freaking love everything about this song. Got me up with the feelings at 3am too lol. Should definitely release the lyrics

Score: 1
THeChefatSolago9 months ago

Awesome track!

Score: 1
Mr.ESH9 months ago

How do you do it again and again?

Score: 1
Erick Rivellino
Erick Rivellino9 months ago

Awesome vibes here mate! <3 definitely deserved.

Score: 1
RONGGAR9 months ago

Thanks Guys! :)

Score: 1
R3CB9 months ago

Great man, I loved!

Score: 1