Trst. delivers 'Track Of The Week'

Sep 4, 2017

Every week, Spinnin' Records picks a favorite track from its Talent Pool. This time it's trst. with 'Throw Yo Body'.

Strong sounds from the 22-year-old trst. dropping the powerful Throw Yo Body! This upcoming talent from the USA started producing when he was 14 years and now his efforts are being rewarded with his release on Spinnin’ Records’ Talent Pool label!

Congrats and keep them coming!

MORE INSTINCT9 months ago

really motivate me , to mix more track

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TONIC@BIT9 months ago

Бомба басы и ударные просто жесть

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Oleg S
Oleg S9 months ago

Nice Track , Good Job :) !!!

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Ricardo_Silva_DJ9 months ago

Nice one, mate <3 keep it up

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DJ JSannered
DJ JSannered9 months ago


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sharwiin9 months ago

Congratulations man you really deserve it cause the track is really worth it

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shafzz9 months ago

congrats !!! let the good vibes keep talking !!!

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BLUE79 months ago

Congrats and well done!

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