Exclusive interview: New Dance Music Friday with Gianni Don Carlo

Sep 8, 2017

We proudly present the New Dance Music Friday feature, your weekly update on all newly released dance tracks, brought together on one amazing Spotify playlist. Featured this week (among many others): Gianni Don Carlo! He's releasing his new single 'Every Time I See You' today, provides the list with some musical tips, and tell all about it in this exclusive interview.

Hey, you just released your new single 'Every Time I See You', featuring RAiK. How did you create this?
"The most important aspect behind ‘Every Time I See You’ is that I wanted to create a vibe that would make your mind go back to the summer. After meeting up with RAiK, I introduced the track to him and it got his attention straight away. After the lyrics were written, everything just fitted perfectly together, and after hours of perfecting in the studio, 'Every Time I See You' was born with a tropical latin twist.."

What does this record say about your musical evolution as an artist?
"This track made me decide that I wanted to continue making and playing music in this specific vibe. Before this, my attention was drawn more to deeper music (techno, tech house). The music I make and play now gives me way more energy than ever before."

The track is featured on Spinnin’s New Dance Music Friday playlist. How important is Spotify to you?
"I think Spotify has become one of the most important music platforms, almost everyone in the world streams their music from this platform, so I also think it’s the best way to get your music heard by the rest of the world, and eventually that is what you want."

Which recently released dance tracks should definitely be added to New Dance Music Friday?
"Here are some tracks that should definitely be in the New Dance Music Friday:

-Garmiani – 'Fogo'

-Kryder & Roland Clark - 'Unity'

-Gregor Salto – 'Maghalena'

-Gianluca Vacchi – 'Viento'

-Sam Feldt ft. Akon – 'Yes'

-Throttle – 'Baddest Behavior'

-Tom Staar – 'Night Train'

-CMC$ ft. Stevie Appleton – 'Those Lights'

- Antoin Clamaran, Agua Sin Gas - 'Machakos'

- Fox Stevenson- 'Arigatou'

-Selva, Zerky – 'Make Me Wanna'

-Galantis – 'Hunter' (Galantis & Misha K vip mix)

-EDX – 'All I Know' "

[Please note this playlist will change a week after this post]