Mr. Belt & Wezol launch ADE contest for their Demo Ride

Sep 12, 2017

Mr. Belt & Wezol have started a very special contest surrounding their Demo Ride at ADE. Prizes include live feedback on your track from the duo, tickets to ADE and joining Mr. Belt & Wezol during their ride through Amsterdam!

You must have caught their ADE Demo Ride last year, when they listened to incoming demo's while cruising the streets of Amsterdam.

Well, this year they'll be at it again! Teaming up with Sixt, who provide the guys with a sweet BMW X5, the duo is going to check several demo's while driving through the streets of Amsterdam.

If you want your track to get featured there, better join this competion. While you're at it, you can also win a trip to the ADE, including hotel stay + tickets for Mr. Belt & Wezol's party, and tagging along with the guys in that sweet ride of theirs!

By the way, if you're not a producer, you can also win this trip to the ADE; you simply have to vote for one of the uploaded tracks! 

Check out the full contest here, and perhaps we'll see you at ADE this year. Good luck!

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Let's do this 🙌

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