Check out the first episode of Spinnin' NEXT!

Oct 12, 2017

Spinnin' NEXT is a new platform for groundbreaking DJ talent who are about to breakthrough as the next generation of dance artists! 

We invited 5 Spinnin’ NEXT artists to Ibiza for a week filled with making music and lots of other fun stuff. Watch the first episode below – with Trobi in this weeks Project NEXT! 

Spinnin’ NEXT also presents their first club night during the Amsterdam Dance Event in AIR Amsterdam. Don’t forget to buy your tickets, so you can check out these youngsters in full effect!


Sergh Reba
Sergh Reba9 months ago

Vote My trace : Virual

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Jacques van Heerden

Please vote for my track "Lost Voices"

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marcko9 months ago

all fun and great, hope emotionally very cool collaborations between themĀ”

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