VIDEO: Lucas & Steve x Firebeatz checking some Talent Pool tunes

Nov 1, 2017

Lucas & Steve and Firebeatz just did a Facebook live stream, checking and giving feedback to a couple of tracks from Spinnin's Talent Pool. Watch it right here!

In case you're wondering why these guys are doing this live stream together, they actually just released a blast of a collab record, featuring UK indie group Little Giants, the cool party tune 'Keep Your Head Up'. And of course because these Dutchies are best mates, who have no trouble getting the magic going once they team up in the studio. 

Same goes when they check out some Talent Pool tracks, just take a look right here..

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Tobi436810 months ago

first track complete Boomerang rip off

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Clubzound Official
Clubzound Official10 months ago

actually custom people know more of music than that , it looks like =)

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NGHTCLB10 months ago

I like the positive way you judge talent here! Cool

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Awesome tracks awesome video!
Also check my track Bewilder Me!
Can't wait to here feedback

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DJ FLOOP10 months ago

Awesome !! Good job ;)

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maekenmusic10 months ago

Also check my new mi GENTE

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Clubzound Pres. Lady Beat

at the end you dont finally understand if they like it or not , thats why people left enjoy edm , totally unrespectful honestly and thats not nicky romero son thats the greatest , green velvet , hope for the next life see spinnin artists mixing and getting fun on facebook with the talent pool music they like

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BLUE710 months ago

Very cool video, great advice. You should do this more often.

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