Here's the Madison Mars video contest winner

Nov 6, 2017

Recently, the new single 'Atom' by Madison Mars was subject of an exciting video contest. And now, the winner is here; check out the official music video by Victor Oonk.

In case you missed it, this video contest was set up with Spinnin's new Copyright Free Music label, an imprint where you can get the music for free (duh!) and use it anyway you like. Of course, one of the best places to use this music is in your very own videos, as you don't have to worry about any copyright hassle from anyone.

So, the label launched this contest, and gave the winner the chance to get his/her video featured on Spinnin' TV, by now a platform with over 18 million users (!), and see it become the official music video for 'Atom', a very popular track amongst DJ's (mister Hardwell even proclaimed it one of the best tracks he'd heard in 2017).

Well, loads of videos were submitted, but it's finally here. The winner is German video maker Victor Oonk, who delivered this tasteful, arty piece of work, perfectly fitting the vibe of the track. Congratulations, and enjoy!


L3SIZMO10 months ago


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Vatss10 months ago

Nice video. Congo Victor Oonk.

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BLUE710 months ago

WOW! great video congratz Victor Oonk

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