Spinnin' Records wants you to finish a track

Nov 14, 2017

Spinnin' Records has launched a unique, brand new contest where you can finish a track, started off by one of the label's key artists.

Oh yeahhh, for the first time ever, Spinnin' Records asks you, the dedicated home producer, to finish a track! In essence, you will be doing a collab with one of the label's artists, working on a basic track he/she has layed out for you. If your version wins, you can officially finish the track together through a collab Skype session (in combination with other prizes, for the runners up as well).

For this first edition, none other than young buck Trobi (a treasured member of the Spinnin' NEXT project) has delivered the first parts of a record. Just check the video below, and if you have the right ideas, start working on it through the contest page. Who knows, your version might end up as an official Spinnin' release! 

Looking forward to some great surprises, good luck!

Teen Wackies
Teen Wackies2 days ago

Done! Check the track in my profile!

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KAARE4 days ago

What is the KEY of the song?

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Alessandro Sachetti

Please , anyone can help me ? I live in Romania and Spotify haven't been released here yet :
So I cant participate in any contest :((((((((((((((((((((((((

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DJ JAMMBASS4 days ago

Bro there is a link above that button
Where it is written try alternative method just click it

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yaaju shendra
yaaju shendra4 days ago

same problem bro

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DJRJ4 days ago

Done check it out in my profile

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DJ JAMMBASS4 days ago

I've completed the song check it in my profile

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Tekhilla5 days ago

listo rola terminada
ancio escuchar las rolas de todos mis compas de talent pool

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KRSH5 days ago

Where it is guys what is the link please share

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BLUE74 days ago

Look on the contest page you can download stems from there good luck in contest

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Alex Bell
Alex Bell5 days ago

Can't wait!

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CharliMusic5 days ago

Accepted :)

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AJAE5 days ago

Challenge Accepted :)

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DJ AIWA5 days ago

ok men yo te ayudo

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Tekhilla6 days ago

a trabajar

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DJ Julio Franco
DJ Julio Franco6 days ago

lets get to work!!!! win the first place

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Jessx6 days ago

Name is ID?

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J3TS6 days ago


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NEFiliN6 days ago


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RickyNois6 days ago

is impossible to download the stems

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