Kris Kross Amsterdam on fire at Spinnin' Sessions

Nov 30, 2017

Legendary act Kris Kross Amsterdam has brought an exclusive guest mix to this week's Spinnin' Sessions radio show. Check it out at this We Rave You premiere.

Surely, expectations are high. Since the guys released their worldwide hit 'SEX', the name Kris Kross Amsterdam rings bells everywhere. So when they release a new single, everybody gets ready. And yeah, 'Gone Is The Night' is an exciting piece of music, featuring the vocals of Mexican singer/actor Jorge Blanco and the much praised Kris Kross Amsterdam sound.

You can expect the same on this week's Spinnin' Sessions radio show, where the guys present an exclusive guest mix in the second half of the episode - surely they're on fire here! Listen to the show, check some background info on the tracklist AND catch a couple of KKA quotes in this We Rave You premiere.

And if you haven't already, better watch that new KKA video too.. it's all good.


Clever Clap
Clever Clap10 months ago

wow super cool

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Swimpereira10 months ago

Yes, cool chorus break!! Swim on!!!

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