No Other Reason
Spinnin' Copyright Free Music
Mar 17, 2017

No Other Reason

Curtis (冷炫忱)

Chinese DJ/producer Curtis proudly presents the first release on the Spinnin’ Copyright Free Music label. It’s called No Other Reason, and pumps its way towards a massive future bass drop, filled with vivacious synths that you cannot afford to miss. This trap influenced tune will get crowds jumping as it suits every party and festival out there!

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M3rlin2 days ago


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Plutonia6 days ago


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TOTONY7 days ago

好! 6!

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Jay Sprouse
Jay Sprouse8 days ago

ok i got some songs coming out this summer 2017 and i see "spinnin" has a new thing with "Spinnin copyright free music" is there a way i can put my music out there for free by this summer?

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