Afro Bros ft. Ghetto Flow - 18+

Spinnin' Records
Mar 17, 2017

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Afro Bros ft. Ghetto Flow

Rising producer duo Afro Bros presents its booty shaking tune 18+. It’s the guys’ first release on Spinnin’ Records and this exotic tune is bound to make everybody dance. The rhythmic percussion, daring basslines and catchy melodies, combined with the joyous Spanish vocals from Ghetto Flow are making this the perfect tune to complete every festival set. Shake your body to 18+!

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Moskito4 months ago

This shouldn't be released on Spinnin'...

Score: 0
DJGORRE4 months ago

deym beatsss

Score: 0
TOSA4 months ago

this track sucks
a lot
i'm sorry, but it's the truth

Score: 1