George Kane

George Kane brings Bazaar, a tune that arose from the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool. He delivers an authentic tune that kicks off with a reggae tinged guitar riff and body shaking beats, enhanced by jungle sounds that’ll get you wild for sure. Get ready to sway and swerve to Bazaar!

alprdmrl1 month ago

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Jonas Wang
Jonas Wang1 month ago

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Unfoundproject1 month ago

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RAIS music
RAIS music1 month ago

very good vibe ! love it ! I vote for you man :D You can vote back then we support each other ! Have a nice day bro !

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dj FUCK1
dj FUCK11 month ago

Good Job! I hope your vote back Greetings!

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DJ Mike_Poland
DJ Mike_Poland1 month ago

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Luis Miguel Serrano

HEll yeah !!!! This is a nice Composition

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BahadirGz1 month ago

Great! 👍

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The Paradise
The Paradise1 month ago

Amazing Drop!

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EdmKimil1 month ago

saya suka lagu mu ?

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rag_hav_171 month ago

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ditanurdian1 month ago

Wow amazing 😍 love it

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EdmKimil1 month ago

very cool
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Sam Sun
Sam Sun1 month ago

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Sidhartha King
Sidhartha King1 month ago

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R3TZHO!1 month ago

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lolnetanya1 month ago

Amazing man, you nailed it!

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UK471 month ago

Amazing man....nailed it...!!!

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Timothee Dereux
Timothee Dereux1 month ago

Very nice track ! Crazy Atmosphere !!!

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Alpha Projects
Alpha Projects2 months ago

Nice work, could you also check out my new single 'Both Part'...

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