Walk Away
Spinnin' Records
Apr 7, 2017

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Walk Away

LVNDSCAPE, ft. Kaptan

A fantastic tune from Dutch artist LVNDSCAPE! The tender piano chords are opening the doors to this delicate song, fusing perfectly with the beautiful vocals from Kaptan. A serene beat joins as it leads up to a refined drop that floods with moody melodies and catchy clings. Ready to Walk Away with this tune?

Callum Jammes
Callum Jammes19 days ago

Seriously you guys should produce an orchestral (acoustic) version to this track. Including string and woodwind. It would be the best acoustic version to any song ever and it would create so much emotion to people and I think this is a nice thing that your songs can create emotion. I would really like to praise you guys for producing something like this. The piano intro, creates the sense of something magical and it really does feel amazing, imagine that song playing at Tomorrowland or Ultra for instance with everyone's torches or lighters in the air, it would create something magical and an amazing memory in your hearts. Again, well done for this awesome track, and I really hope someone sees this comment because an acoustic version would be worth it! Thanks guys, hope to heard more beautiful tracks in the future. Callum Jammes Sholtysek. An upcoming DJ and music producer.

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Oves121 month ago

Can i get the download link

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3P][C1 month ago

Beautiful! 🎧👌🏻

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DivibaiS1 month ago

Exelente pista:)

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Altall1 month ago

Very nice track)

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