Bouncing groovy house with a strong bass line and chopped vocals! Like, Share and Follow on ->>>>


johnnyl0ve6 months ago


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Unknown Heroes
Unknown Heroes7 months ago


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Dorian148 months ago

Hi :)
I like your track. Voted!!!
Please can you vote me ba ck? Dorian-Universe. :)
Thanks and good luck to reach top 10!!!! :))))

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M4NUEL8 months ago

I listen again to this and i like it so much!

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Fernando Lopez Piña

Hi! good track voted for you, voteed back my new track SUBE Thanks!

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Cher$eY8 months ago

Great track!
Can you also vote for my track "Spicy"? I appreciate your help!!

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Jack James
Jack James8 months ago

WOW I LOVE!! Voted! !!

Please check our new track “ROSES”,

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Matheus Maignardi
Matheus Maignardi9 months ago

Voted! Great track. Please vote back for my latest track Drunk in vodka. Good luck and I hope you do well in the charts. Thanks for your support :)sd

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Klangkubik9 months ago

...I have a nice private link for you ;)

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Nick Name9 months ago

Cool mix! Hope your mix will climb further up this chart! Curious what you think of my track..

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Latinio Music
Latinio Music9 months ago

Great full energy track voted!!!

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FERAY9 months ago

Nice tune!!my vote for you,please vote me back for my tack FERAY - BANGALORE! THANK YOU SO MUCH)

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Alfakey9 months ago

Voted bro! If u Can, Vote back on my Track "Pyramid" For the Contest !!!!
im on 13 rank on it!!! Help me to bring my dream to reality man!!!
Keep making good music for the world and Suporting our comunity !!!
Make our Dreams come true!!!


Any Support you can found me on facebook and send me a message
its nice to meet producers from the entire world!!!

Alfakey from Brazil !!!

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AMrr9 months ago

hey bro! cool track, i like the grooves you really did a good work!!i loved it! voted and supported for sure!
listen to my latest track "black theme original m"
vote if you like it, drop a comment with your feedback to help improve my next projects !
thank you!!

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David Acost
David Acost9 months ago

That is pretty cool man, so catchy

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Alfakey9 months ago

wow man!!! Nice Track!!!

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Arriev9 months ago

Hi! Nice track! Voted! Could you vote on my new big room track 'Arriev - Blow'? Thanks!

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Σven9 months ago

[ *gone* ]

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Franz Producer
Franz Producer9 months ago

Voted man, vote for my new track 'Nukak'. Supported for Breathe Carolina, APEK, VINAI and many more.
Thank you.

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Rexller9 months ago


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