Hope you guys enjoy:) You can, if you want, download this for free on my soundcloud!


Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 1 year ago

Thanks for this one! Add some short breaks to the chorus to maintain the energy, it's a bit straightforward at this point (take Lucas&Steve - 'Calling on You' as example). Also, the second drop/chorus is pretty much the same as the first, we're not sure what to do best: add a second melodyline to the second drop, or remove something out of the first drop. This is something you need to find out. Good luck!

Score: 10
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Jansky Official
Jansky Official1 year ago

Voted !! Nice intro and vocal chops. Nice cool vibe to this that's good advice from the Spin crew. I would add something to the second drop maybe and more modulation and really gets some movement in those chords which will bring it alive on the part Spin say it's straight forward. But who am I to offer advice lol. Have a listen to my tune I would love your thoughts and feedback thanks.

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Sam Rose1 year ago

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