had fun making this one..that heavy bass with some bounce


Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 10 months ago

Thanks for this one! The bassline is catchy, and we like the minimalistic production, but it a bit too minimalistic at this point. A little bit more 'hooky' would spice up the track. Nice job so far, you've got our vote!

Score: 1
A M A N I A K10 months ago

listen to mine also please you will surely like it, 100% guaranteed

Score: 1
CRPL3D10 months ago

thanks for the feedback spinnin!..i went for simple and clean on this and am glad you liked it..i will keep that in mind to add more..

Score: 1
BIDD10 months ago

Voted back, Thanks for you support :)

Score: 0
INOVA_Music10 months ago

i am catchy

Score: 0
P5YCHO10 months ago

Cool track! Sounding really good! I like it so I have given it a vote! Mind returning the favour on my track, "Reckless". I'd love to get in the top 100! You don't have to comment...just a quick vote would mean everything. Thank you and keep up the good work!

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Klevis & Leo
Klevis & Leo10 months ago

Nice job! Cool track! Just voted check supported. Check my remix of "Don't Wait" too and vote if you like :)

Score: 0
Zuru10 months ago

Hey good vibe and good jobs. You have my Vote and Support. Please, vote back and comment on my track, "Children 2k17", thanks...

Score: 0
Jack Sidijay
Jack Sidijay10 months ago

Love the track!!!
Pls Vote our track "WE ARE PIRATE

Score: 0
Kevin Cosnher
Kevin Cosnher10 months ago

I like, Great TRACK!Voted.

Score: 0
BASS R1DER10 months ago

hi, please could you vote for my new track called bounce squad and i will voted for your track in return!!

Score: 0
Marrelix10 months ago

Awesome track! Voted! Please vote back for my track "Raly & Marrelix - Feel the life".
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Score: 1
D1SSCH0RD10 months ago

Loving The Bounce! Kind of trappy as well! VOTED!!

If you could vote for my latest track( G# Genji) I would Much Appreciate it! Thanks!

Score: 0
Gabriel Barreto
Gabriel Barreto10 months ago

Deep Bass Really cool, VOTED!, if you can check mine "Make it Possible"

Score: 0
QU1QUE\SERRA DJ10 months ago

Hi CRPL3D, Your track sounds great, I love this groove
Could you give a listen at my track "Rave In The Heaven"? and if possible let me know if it is of your liking. Hope you have a nice day bro! ┬┐VOTE x VOTE ?

Score: 0
Kyze10 months ago

Sounds nice! Got my vote! Check out my tracks if you like!

Score: 0
AVUKO10 months ago

Overall mix is great man, good job:)) I'll look forward to your new music. I voted, vote me back on my track "Samurai"..


Score: 0
Kris Leonard
Kris Leonard10 months ago


Voted for your track

Please vote for mine :D

Score: 0
Rubrix!10 months ago

Nice track mate, VOTEDD!!! Please have a look at my latest track "I Wanna Be"!!!

Score: 0
HARD TRANCE 201810 months ago

great one

Score: 0
Zebrasca10 months ago

Nice track! Voted! :D
Please vote back for my last track "The Hunt"!
Keep it up!

Score: 0
Spontagious10 months ago

hey I just uploaded my new house track if you can please take a listen and give me your honest opinion/feedback and leave a detailed comment so I know its not spam. I will then go and listen to your recent track and give you my feedback and also try and help you out in what ever way I can. This should be a community about helping each other progress as producers. Not just spam everyone to listen to their songs and get nothing in return. So thank you in advance and I can't wait to listen to your tracks......

Score: 0