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Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 1 month ago

Thanks for this one! We like it up until the drop. The drop is too messy, too much notes on both the bassline and the leadmelodyline. When you reduce some notes everything else gets more room in the mix and will probably sound much more powerful. Good luck!

Score: 10
NOTRIKS1 month ago

Thank you very much for feedback, the next time we will try to make our music more powerful and catchy!

Score: 2
AVER1 month ago

great work... love it

Score: 3
Simão Lobo
Simão Lobo1 month ago

That's so f*ckin' awesome! I like this type of music!

Score: 4
Klevis & Leo
Klevis & Leo27 days ago

Nice job! Cool track! Just voted check supported. Check my remix of "Don't Wait" too and vote if you like :)

Score: 0
Faz Ridge
Faz Ridge27 days ago

Dope track, if you do some work on the drop I know it will be a hit.
Also check out my new track ''Dreams''.

Score: 0
P5YCHO28 days ago

Great song! Sounding really good! I have voted! Anyone mind checking out my future house style song, "Reckless". Thank you for the support and keep up the good work!

Score: 0
Zuru30 days ago

Hey good vibe and good jobs. You have my Vote and Support. Please vote back and comment on my track "Children 2k17", thanks...

Score: 0
quiqueserradj1 month ago

Hi Notaries & Treblax, Your track sounds great, I love this groove
Could you give a listen at my track "Rave In The Heaven"? and if possible let me know if it is of your liking. Hope you have a nice day bro! ¿VOTE x VOTE ?

Score: 0
AVUKO1 month ago

Whole song as it is sounds solid, mixing is fantastic!:)) Voted! Vote back for my track AVUKO - Samurai :))

Score: 0
Bargus1 month ago

Nice track bro i voted and please support my track :)

Score: 0
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Jaralama1 month ago

This remix for Martin Garrix–Bouncybob ? Ahah "Original mix"...

Score: 0
Igor Chi1i
Igor Chi1i1 month ago

Please support and help me by giving a vote on my remix of "I Like To Move It" Thank you!

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Phill-IP1 month ago

keep on pushing your passions!, man, come over i invite you to my demo :=)

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Mr. Raden
Mr. Raden1 month ago

Nice ! Voted !

Mind to check & vote my new track " Can't Get Enough (Extended Mix) ", Thanks!

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Black 4 White
Black 4 White1 month ago

Very good brother track you have our vote you would like to verify our new track and if you like do not hesitate to vote and follow us :)

Score: 0
Spontagious1 month ago

hey I just uploaded my new house track if you can please take a listen and give me your honest opinion/feedback and leave a detailed comment so I know its not spam. I will then go and listen to your recent track and give you my feedback and also try and help you out in what ever way I can. This should be a community about helping each other progress as producers. Not just spam everyone to listen to their songs and get nothing in return. So thank you in advance and I can't wait to listen to your tracks

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MKL1 month ago

Hi! Cool track bro!
Could you check out my latest track?

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KCN1 month ago

Voted, please Vote back and comment on my latest track "Shape of you - Ed Sheeran (KCN remix)"

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GREAT TRACK! VOTED & SUPPORTED! Nice track, voted, please listen my track and voted "Come Back Whit Me" :)

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Nice track, voted, please listen my track and voted "Come Back Whit Me" :)

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BLUEPINT1 month ago

wow this is a very good track ..voted for sure..can you you check me out please...

Score: 0
N.C.T1 month ago

Great Track!
I voted
Can you vote back "My Lady" ??

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