Combining Festival style EDM with Balkan ethnic influence I present to you Tarogato.


Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 6 days ago

Nice track! We love the Balkan vibe of it! Both drops are pretty much the same, in order to build up, the second drop should be more powerful compare to the first, you can add another melodyline for instance. We'd recommend to use the distorted kick only at the drops, when you use a clean kick at the intro the drops sounds more powerful. NIce job so far, you've got our vote!

Score: 6
Denzick2 days ago

Love the kick you use in the intro. It's super heavy. And you utilize that offbeat kick pattern. Love it a super ton. That drops hits outta no where, didn't even see that coming haha but I freaking love it!!! And the switch up with the horns after is awesome. Nice job! You have my vote. Take a sec and tell me what you think of my newest track, Live. Thanks!

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Toni Ezero
Toni Ezero5 days ago


Thank you for taking the time to listen to my track. I will take your advise and use it on my future productions.

Best Regards


Score: 2
Aman Kundal
Aman Kundal2 days ago

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Score: -2
NitoMusic8 minutes ago

Amazing!!!Could you vote my last track 'Universe' Thanks!!

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Skullmithdj14 hours ago

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Cohen_Itzik17 hours ago

I really like you production you are really good you got my vote.
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mRNA22 hours ago

Nice track!!

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wow I's amazing!voted!

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Good job bro!!!
Amazing drop
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Psychoheim1 day ago

Hi, I listened to your track and i was blown away by the powerful sound. Everything goes together so well. You deserve to be on top so you have my vote

Please listen to my track ,"Sway", as well and if you like it, please vote for it and give your feedback. Both will be much appreciated

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BASS R1DER1 day ago

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Marrelix1 day ago

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Love the style! Voted!

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Agressive sound really Cool!, Voted!, if you can check mine "Make it Possible"...

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Westfallx2 days ago

Aye awesome track Toni Ezero!!

Voted for sure!!

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quiqueserradj2 days ago

Hi Toni, Your track sounds great, I love this groove
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Ellexima2 days ago

Ellexima/Wisdom .

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AVUKO2 days ago

Overall mix is amazing man, good job:) I'll look forward to your new music. I voted, vote me back on my track "Samurai"..


Score: 0
Anexo2 days ago

thats crazy dude!! i dig this !! awesome feeling and nice vibes. voted for sure!!!

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dinels122 days ago

I voted your track, i like it ! :D
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R E V E N2 days ago

Dude this is sick!!!

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Aman Kundal
Aman Kundal2 days ago

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