Hi there!!! Please vote for my track 'Stay Right There' in the Spinning Talentpool if you like it :-) Thanks!!!


Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 1 month ago

Great tune! Production is nice. It also has a strong storyline with catchy melodyline and vocals, the vocals perfectly blend into the vibe and lift up the energylevel, so on the arrangement part you did a nice job too. You've got our vote!

Score: 27
TuneBoy22 days ago

This is really a great track...
The vocals & melody make it too awesome..
This is one of the best track in the Talent Pool..
And one day, I will also try to make it to Top 10..:)

Score: 0
KATESH19 days ago

Great production! Nice work and catchy vocals, loved it! Voted!
Please do spare a few minutes and check out my new track "HOTSPOT" and vote if you like it!

Score: 0
Dj Funky
Dj Funky24 days ago

Yo...Solid Mix 4 sho

Score: 2
Jon4z24 days ago

Spinnin' Comment On My Track! XD

Score: 2
black aurora
black aurora28 days ago

follow for my new bounce track called revolution

Score: 3
Miza Official
Miza Official1 month ago

Not even a comment on my track that was in top 10, rip

Score: 7
A M A N I A K1 month ago

i know you will surely like my track, go n listen to it and vote it up. Thanks :)

Score: 2
Mr. Raden
Mr. Raden28 days ago

Bright Lights Sound Pack! Nice! I got that pack as well :)

Score: 3
MARK FUSTER13 days ago

I feel like dancing and the melodies are very good I like voted,you can check my new remix :) thanks

Score: 0
Priyank Shah
Priyank Shah14 days ago

Hy bro nice track voted Can you please vote my track "Jyye-Oxygen (Priyank Shah Mix)" by visiting my profile please thank you .

Score: 0
felipehedan15 days ago

Hey, please listen my track called 'Vocaloid' and i will vote you back! :)

Score: 0
Mike Windmills
Mike Windmills15 days ago

Great track my Vote!
Guys well done
Lovin the track!
Support my track Beautiful Sunday!p

Score: 0
Orion Mystic
Orion Mystic16 days ago

move up voted

Score: 0
FarhanRamadhann17 days ago

voted!please vote my track Bruno Mars-Thats What I Like (Farhan Remix)

Score: 0
Zuru19 days ago

Hey good vibe and good jobs. You have my Vote and Support. Please, vote back and comment on my track, "Children 2k17", thanks

Score: 0
KCN19 days ago

Voted bro ! Please vote me back.

Score: 0
CLASSEY19 days ago

Voted!!! This an awesome track, you have my support

Score: 1
Oxyoze19 days ago

Amazing track ! Voted !
I am sure I'll remember your name.
It would be cool if you could check out my new REMIX "Feel Home" ! :)

Score: 0
¡Draxter!19 days ago

Love your track bro, you have my support and my vote, I wish you the best of luck

If you have some time, listen to my bootleg to "Despacito" I hope you like it and you can give me your vote :)

Score: 1
Guzi19 days ago

Awsome track! you got my vote, check out my new song "Rise" and vote

Score: 0
Frost-X-Mritz20 days ago

This track just gets me everytime I listen to it :') I love the lyrics, great connection; and everything in this track is just perfect alongwith (obviously) the mastering aswell. I'm a bass-lover so I noticed the ample bass and the plucks are really catchy. You have my vote, I wish this to go up to #1 again :/ you guys really deserve it. Can you please have a look at my debut track here named 'ID' and vote maybe? Much thanks! :)

Score: 1
kanefielding20 days ago

Voted and followed :)
Good song and best of luck!!
Please vote and follow me too :)
My new track is "stomp"
Thanks kane
Anybody else wanting my vote follow me and vote and i'll vote for you.
Good luck all..........

Score: 0
Freezone20 days ago

Sick track MarcBrothers. Voted! Please check out my remix for Mike Williams - ‘Another Night!

Score: 0
TammWood20 days ago

Those summer vibes :*!!! love it!

Score: 0
Klevis & Leo
Klevis & Leo20 days ago

Already Voted ;) Check my remix of "Don't Wait" too and vote if you like :)

Score: 0
DjEB20 days ago

this beat is very good, the rhythm is perfect with the track along with the vocals, the best part where you really feel this track is at 1:47! <3 this track I'm for sure check you up on that!

Score: 0
Meet1120 days ago

Voted... Please vote back on my track Get Away.

Awesomeness :D

Score: 1