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Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 9 months ago

Nice one! It has got a very nice deep vibe to it, we love it! Great job, you've our vote!

Score: 32
Subboys8 months ago

Hello you lisen my remix of "ANOTHER NIGHT" and vote if you like

Score: 2
Acxïo9 months ago

Nice! Voted ! Mind To Vote my new track called "Hopeless" Thanks!

Score: 2
DOVER9 months ago

incredible friend
I loved!
Vote for you
Would you help me with a vote in my song "Epoch" !!
See you on the top :) !!!!!!!!

Score: 1
Rhythmic8 months ago

ddid he get signed?

Score: 2
Brook Gee
Brook Gee9 months ago

Sounds great. Check out my latest FUTURE HOUSE track 'Back In The Day'. Cheers, Brook Gee

Score: 2
Chubi8 months ago

I would change some of the synths but its not bad

Score: 2
Keithwamz8 months ago

Please track check out my new track Tick Tock ..the whole track is inspired by you guys🙏🏾🔥🔥

Score: 2
Dilectus8 months ago

Lit track! Voted ! Please could you vote for my track "Showdown".

Score: 2
Rongga9 months ago

Papoy Papoy

Score: 2
R1C4ЯDØ8 months ago

Hello spinnin records I say that for the Dj that are in 1st place as a prize they put a video on youtube with their song🎧👍

Score: 2
Chubi8 months ago

Cool one, voted. Deserved position. Check my last remix to Gerox & Lobo - Dance With Me and vote back if you like it :)

Score: 0
HAKIM BHM8 months ago

Nice Bro!It sound good , Great track !! You got my vote! Vote back to my new track! I want some feddback plzz ?

Score: 0
AshimDeb9 months ago

agree with you .......

Score: 0
BLUEPINT9 months ago


Score: 4
Rongga8 months ago

Nice Track ! Voted & Supported !
Mind to listen & vote my new track " Got The Feeling (Original Mix) ", Thanks !

Score: -1
NRAVV6 months ago


Score: 0
Alex Caspian
Alex Caspian9 months ago

Yes! Serge Legran, not well-known ukrainian DJ tries to reach the top of Russian music charts!

Score: 2
LEV L`DRAGON5 months ago

Man,that's really sounds cool!Keep working!

Score: 0
MAHDI6 months ago

I listen to your track, that's nice, voted & supported

listen to my last music and give back the voted

i hope see you on top again

Score: 0
Juella6 months ago

Love it! If you have the chance vote for my track! Good luck!

Score: 0
DAV56 months ago

Hey there SERGE,
This track sounds quite amazing!! I like how original and I can tell how much work you've put in it. I always believe that the harder you work on something the better the results will be and I think your song is an example of that. I love the originality of it, that's a big thing in this music industry because you dont want to sound like everyone else so I like how you added a little bit of yourself in the song and thats what makes it special!! Sooo really really good job on that. It would be awesome if you could please check out my remix "Say Less" by Dillon Francis ft. G-Eazy, this remix is for a contest created by Dillon Francis in which currently I am participating. It would be awesome if you could vote for my song here and if you have extra time to support my song on soundcloud and in the description of the song there is a website where you can vote for my song for the remix contest. I know its a lot to ask but it would mean the world to me to get supported by someone with the same passion as me. If you want you can message me on soundcloud anytime for support or feedback in any of your songs that you post on soundcloud and here. You can always count on me to answer and give you ideas and thoughts of your projects. Good luck with your future tracks and goals!!
-DAV5 :)

Score: 0
Lesley & Nick
Lesley & Nick6 months ago

Hey man, this is actually a great track! Definitely voted for you, hope you get higher up the charts! If you got any time, check our new track called 'Without You'! Thanks in advance!

Score: 0
Nighthawks6 months ago

Guys vote for our Lucas & Steve - Up Till Dawn(Nighthawks Remix) & we will vote for all people in the comments there! Vote for Vote :)

Score: 0
Yazan&Hazem6 months ago

Very nice work /& I Voted you /please voted my.,... Yazan(Rock you).

Score: 0
Fiixxxy6 months ago

Nice!!! Checkout my track "RELOAD" :D

Score: 0
Altronix6 months ago

and my vote for u!

Score: 0
Altronix6 months ago

cant stop listen!!! gogogog!!!

Score: 0
2Hounds6 months ago

Serge , this track is very good, all sounds are very power together . We comment only the best tracks and we give a feedback . We vote you, please check our track ''We Are'' and vote back !! When you do it leave a comment 👍🏻

Score: 0
DNL!6 months ago

Нет политике. Музыка всех нас сблизит. Привет с Екатеринбурга:) Трек кайфовый!

Score: 0
clipex6 months ago

Amazing song! Congrats for the awards! I learnt cutting shapes to these kind of song.. I really love your one! You have my vote on your other tracks also I follow you on soundcloud and fb! If you would vote back on my track "Turn Up", it would be amazing! I'm also interested in your opinion of it! Would you give a deep feedback in the comment section? Wish you luck in the future! :)

Score: 0
Erland S.
Erland S.6 months ago

Good job !!! Voted
I hope you find time to listen and vote for my new track
Nite Lights - Night is gone

Score: 0
Altronix6 months ago

incredible mate! voted!

Score: 0
DOVER6 months ago

Wow! This is Lit Great job maan! WHOOA! Voted
Please check out my track, "YOUR TOUCH". Thanks ! ! !!!

Score: 0
Rongga6 months ago

Nice Track! Voted !
Mind to vote & check my track " Comeback (Original Mix) " Thanks !

Score: 0
Nicolas Paz
Nicolas Paz6 months ago

Voted, Sounds amazing! Anyways, could you give a listen at my last track? and if possible let me know if it is of your liking. ¿VOTE x VOTE

Score: 0
Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem6 months ago

hey man! , i'm producer too, and it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my track "SUPER NATURAL",
really want to become better, and feedback with artist like you are really preciois for me!
🎧👍 - Léo Ben Salem

Score: 0