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Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 10 days ago

Nice one! It has got a very nice deep vibe to it, we love it! Great job, you've our vote!

Score: 16
Subboys2 days ago

Hello you lisen my remix of "ANOTHER NIGHT" and vote if you like

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Acxïo3 days ago

Nice! Voted ! Mind To Vote my new track called "Hopeless" Thanks!

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DOVER5 days ago

incredible friend
I loved!
Vote for you
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See you on the top :) !!!!!!!!

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Rhythmic2 days ago

ddid he get signed?

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Brook Gee
Brook Gee8 days ago

Sounds great. Check out my latest FUTURE HOUSE track 'Back In The Day'. Cheers, Brook Gee

Score: 2
Dilectus2 days ago

Lit track! Voted ! Please could you vote for my track "Showdown".

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Mr. Raden
Mr. Raden7 days ago

Papoy Papoy

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R1C4ЯDØ1 day ago

Hello spinnin records I say that for the Dj that are in 1st place as a prize they put a video on youtube with their song🎧👍

Score: 0
AshimDeb7 days ago

agree with you .......

Score: 0
BLUEPINT8 days ago


Score: 3
Alex Caspian
Alex Caspian5 days ago

Yes! Serge Legran, not well-known ukrainian DJ tries to reach the top of Russian music charts!

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Acxïo4 hours ago

Nice! Voted !
Mind To Vote my new track called "Hopeless" Thanks

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DOVER8 hours ago

Voted!! Really good trackk! Congratulations! If its possble take a look at my new track "Epoch" and vote for it if you like it!

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Leoo12 hours ago

Great work, you got my vote & I am following you right now , please follow back, vote and leave the comment on my latest track named SO EASY .
I hope you good luck on the rank-list !!

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chrismedinamusic13 hours ago

Try not to make the intro 1 minute long. The build up was weak but at least we got an ok drop. The rest of the track was just a repeat of the beginning: weak build up, okay drop, and long outro. Add some vocals to spice it up!

Score: 0
Moonkey14 hours ago

Nice one SERGE ! Very depp sound ! Check out my Remix of UNCOVER and vote back ! I voted of course for you!

Score: 0
VNC18 hours ago

vote 4 vote?
comment 'done' on my remix of ‘Another Night’ and I'll vote back asap! (i'll check if you really did)

have a nice day!!!

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DaMan18 hours ago

If you need votes, please check out my new track Universe.

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SAFI_718 hours ago

Great one and nice drop voted
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Acxïo20 hours ago

Nice! Voted !
Mind To Vote my new track called "Hopeless" Thanks!!!!!

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Lionman21 hours ago

Well done!Voted! Check and vote my remix of Another Night.

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SnazzySounds23 hours ago

check out my awesome remix and vote for it pls)

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knockout.team23 hours ago

Great job you have done bro. i'm listnig to your track again and again, it has some kind of attractive magnetic tune. may be that's the reason your track going to be #1 in oneday.
our love is with you. I Voted you and supported your track hope that will helpful for you.
One more thing is Brrr... which is my track try to listen and give your precious feedback about the track and Vote if you can.

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Sayer23 hours ago

Cool Track :) You've got my vote!
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Thanks and have a nice day :D

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DRJ1 day ago

Top class!!
That's genuine.. Not asking for votes..

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E-Major1 day ago

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Priyank Shah
Priyank Shah1 day ago

Hy bro nice track voted!!! can you please visite my profile and vote my track "Another Night (Priyank Shah Mix)" & "Jyye-Oxygen (Priyank Shah Mix) thankx man.

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LizaLeee1 day ago

sounds so great :)

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DOVER1 day ago

Im going through the talent pool voting on as many tracks as I can to show support to as many aspiring producers as possible! Ive come across your track and i've VOTED!!

Keep up the hard work and always strive to make the best music you can!

Please could you return the favour by simply checking out my track "EPOCH" - would genuinely mean so much if you could show it some love :)!

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VNC1 day ago

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