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MIKE KOSILOV2 hours ago

Beautiful work. Voted. :)

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Arys Music
Arys Music1 day ago

Dope! Voted.
I hope you will like my "It's Alright" track.

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Mhowa2 days ago

Nice Track ! Voted & Supported
Mind to listen & vote my new track for Contest "Mhowa - Reghetor (Original Mix)"

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joshrowland3 days ago

🎉 nice song, really love what you have done here! you've got my vote bro! 👍
if you could check out my new song "brixton lights" and vote I'd really appreciate it!!

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Limt444 days ago

Hey Lukas hope one day we can collab

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ARHL AI4 days ago

wow this is so awesome and clean, please check my remix lost in you and please vote thank you guys <3

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Pink Pumpkin5 days ago

cool song, voted

could you please vote for my new song 'Trilogy'

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Tony Ferdinand
Tony Ferdinand6 days ago

nice 1 voted
i hope u will listen to my track CHATHAN

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RMHSK6 days ago


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ANDREW MUSIC6 days ago

Amazing track dude ! Beautiful work ! you got my support VOTED you can support me by Vote for my track YOUR LOVE :).....

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Double-H6 days ago

please vote me back~thanks~

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Jasey Trace
Jasey Trace7 days ago

Please check out my Quinton and nervo remix !!! would mean the world my friend!!! I love your work !!!

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DJZirro7 days ago

Nice track dude!! I love it! I voted!! :D

could you please vote back on my song, QUINTINO & NERVO - Lost in You(Zirro remix)? I would really appreciate it!! Thank you!

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Nacho Siage
Nacho Siage8 days ago

You have a good track, I liked it a lot, you have my vote and my support.
Could you help me with a photo on my recent track "Jungle"? Thank you!

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SAMER"8 days ago

Hello!, well. I believe in mutual support so I'm gonna be honest, I voted to your song, could you vote my last remix too? , i'll really appreciate it! If you don't believe me, check out my supported tracks you'll definitely find your song !!

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KLYCHKEY8 days ago

Amazing song! The is so cool and you have a good mastering that keep all the song a i notice that you put strong effort here and really I can watch the results!! You know, I'm trying to do a review of all the tracks that are uploaded here and is hard listen whole, but I can say It' so emotional and inspirational. You have my vote! If you can, take a couple of minutes and vote by my latest track , contest (((QUINTINO & NERVO - Lost in You (KLYCHKEY Remix))), I would be grateful with you!! See you in the Top of spinnin' records! Keep making this kind of songs dude?????????

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Steven V.
Steven V.9 days ago

Voted. Look at my new track for contest RESISTANCE plz :)

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`-` gazzle  `-`
`-` gazzle `-`9 days ago

cool production here ......please listen and vote my my track "Owner of a lonely heart" thank you......./,

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Visual Depth
Visual Depth10 days ago

yo lukas, thats really sick dude, energetic! if you dont mind vote for my remix, i'll be extremely grateful

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Nurbek10 days ago

Nice Track!)) VOTED!)) Please Vote My Last Track "LOVE" +++ +++

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