This is my personal twist of tropical house that give a more bumping and vibrant energy similar to progressive but still keep its tropical roots. Spinnin Records A&R if you are taking the time to read this please give me some feedback. You can contact me on my email address RubixMusique@gmail.com Visit my website to be connected with my social media. RU3IX.COM Want to see a music video of summer voices? Visit https://instagram.com/p/BS-lO1zAj9n/ New vid https://instagram.com/p/BTKxrJsgqlg/


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Peter Lloyd
Peter Lloyd3 hours ago

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Gage Komarnizki
Gage Komarnizki11 hours ago

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chrismedinamusic14 hours ago

The intro was calm and relaxing. The first drop was actually ok. On the second drop, make sure to add an exciting build up or at least a riser like you did with the third drop. On the third drop you did a fantastic job on. The rest of the track is pure magic. Keep it up!

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Moonkey14 hours ago

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