new musique !!! remix


Magic Skipper™

Hey mate!
Great job and thank you for this beautiful music
I invite you to hear my newest (Magic Skipper - The Last [Magic Skipper Present Magic House])
Regard! Magic Skipper.

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Adrian DeWitt
Adrian DeWitt1 year ago

Very good song defenitivamente you have my vote and I hope you continue making good music........You can also check my new song "Weird Sounds" and vote for it if you like .Thank you ....

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Nacho Siage
Nacho Siage1 year ago

Hello djkev
You have my vote and my support.
Can you give me a vote for my track "Dare Yourself"? Thank you very much.
Good luck

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Domens (Official)

Hey mate, really nice track!
Please help me voting my new remix for Mike Williams's track "Another Night", I will be grateful for your support!

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BASTWIST1 year ago

Nice ideas mate ! ;)

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DJZirro1 year ago

Really relaxing!! I love it! I voted!

Could you maby vote for my song 'Another night [zirro remix]'?? Thanks already!! I appriciate it!!! :D

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VNC1 year ago

vote 4 vote?
comment 'done' on my remix of ‘Another Night’ and I'll vote back asap! (i'll check if you really did)

have a nice day!!!

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John Trax
John Trax1 year ago

Hi mate, Sup.., :)
Nice Peace of Music u got here. Keep it up!! VOTED !!! ;D
Vote back on my last remix "Another Night" ,I would really appreciate it.. and leave some feedback if u like :) .!!

John Trax

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itsTripleM1 year ago

Triple M support! I may play this at the club this weekend! can you vote back on my track "Planetarium",,

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G_T1 year ago

One of my favorite chord progressions !!
You got my vote with this one man, looking forward to hearing more cool tracks from you this year !
Oh, can you vote for my latest track ZEN ?
I think you'll dig the extremely melodic vibes <3 Thanks !!!

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Lahcen_Tracer1 year ago

Hey , Good Job ! VOTED for your track & followed you !
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DJ Matio
DJ Matio1 year ago

Nice Track!!!
Please check out my new track - "Dance The Life"
:)Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RITOmakesmusic1 year ago

Excellent track bro, voted!!

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Lionman1 year ago

Hey, well done!. Voted! Check and vote my remix of Another Night.

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Creajum1 year ago

Voted djkev, good track ! I like) Please check my remix "Another Night" Thank you my friend ;)

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Leoo1 year ago

Great work, you got my vote & I am following you right now , please follow back, vote and leave the comment on my latest track named SO EASY .
I hope you good luck on the rank-list !!

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Zalan1 year ago

Please vote my track 'Don't Need Love'!! If you like it, it's available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and all the rest!!!

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Mistro ts
Mistro ts1 year ago

HUGE TRACK! Voted! great job. Please vote for my newest song "Fantasy" Many Thanks and good luck! <3

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VNC1 year ago

vote 4 vote?
comment 'done' on my track and I'll vote back asap! (i'll check if you really did)

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Brook Gee
Brook Gee1 year ago

Voted mate. Check out my latest Future House tracks on my page. Cheers, Brook Gee

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