Andromeda Heights - Wordless Song (Original Mix) 2017 demo#002 "Andromeda Heights" is electronic music producer based in Tokyo. Thank you for listening!


kushiemonster11 months ago

Nice track!!!
Can you also vote for my track "Stream"? Appreciate the help!

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Igor Chi1i
Igor Chi1i11 months ago

Great track! Voted & supported! Please check my remix of " Coco Jambo" and vote me back or write a comment if you like it! Thanks for the support!

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MOIZDHE11 months ago

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SAWRAV11 months ago

u have my vote buddy keep making musice pls vote back my track zeus thanks

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FACEVALUE11 months ago

Nice track dude. Really feelin it. Voted!!
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Jack - Face Value

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Fil Hedan
Fil Hedan11 months ago

Cool track mate!
Please vote for my track 'Gemini' and I will vote for you back! :)

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Giuliano Recca
Giuliano Recca11 months ago

Great concept, nice atmosphere, happy vibes, VOTED!

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Sphinx11 months ago

Really cool! (Voted, please check out my track 'Demon')

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Dukhvalov Alex
Dukhvalov Alex11 months ago

Nice idea,strange,but nice)

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Mistro ts
Mistro ts11 months ago

This is some sick future bass!! Voted! good job! When you get the chance please vote for my latest song fantasy! good luck and many thanks <3

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Giuliano Recca
Giuliano Recca11 months ago

Great concept, nice atmosphere, happy vibes, VOTED!

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THE CLAP YOUR HANDs11 months ago

Very Good Work!

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Pineapple11 months ago

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PO DO11 months ago

voted.. .vote back bro!

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Magic Skipper™
Magic Skipper™11 months ago

Hey mate!
Great job and thank you for this beautiful music
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Regard! Magic Skipper.

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Dj A.L.F
Dj A.L.F11 months ago

Wow excellent song hope you continue doing good work like this your melody is incredible well done...... also you could check my new song and vote for it if you liked ...thanks

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Domens (Official)
Domens (Official)11 months ago

Hey mate, really cool song!
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I will be grateful for your support!

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DOVER11 months ago

Voted! cool track!! nice melodies and sfx! great job! Please vote if you canfor my newest song "EPOCH" Many Thanks and good luck! <3 ! ! ! !! ! !

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BASTWIST11 months ago

Doooooope! :D

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DJ.isma11 months ago

Nice track! Voted!
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keep it up and good luck bro :)

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