heavy hitting bass that will punch you in the face but in a nice way


KSHMR9 months ago

Maybe try to introduce some new emotion on the second break to add diversity to the song overall


Score: 5
trst9 months ago

of course, ive realized that a lot of my music, including this track, kind of tend to not progress as much as I'd like them to towards the end. I always subconsciously love songs much more when each section adds a new flavor to the track, rather than almost repeating a section. keeps them interesting from front to back. I'll work on that a lot. Thanks for the feedback homie. Will be taken to heart.

Score: 1
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LVNDSCAPE10 months ago

BOOM! Solid production on this one! One idea that instantly comes to mind is just before the drop.. what if you would edit the vocal like this: "just throw your body in the air air air air" and then the drop hits. I think this way you will create even more momentum and the drop (which is awesome!) will hit twice as hard! And maybe even repeat "air" at 1:20, leave the kick out and at the 4th "air" let the kick back in. My compliments for 1:51, that part is great. Other than this I don't have much to say haha, so nice job!

Score: 6
Levantii10 months ago

bring that ass back like a boom boom boom BOOM!

Score: 0
trst10 months ago

Thanks dude! Yeah on the 'air' at 1:20 I actually initially had a more pronounced delay on it, similar to the delay at 1:33, but it became too distracting and acted better as a transition to the break. Thanks for the feedback!!

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Kriis16 days ago

Voted good job

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TobiasHagen8 months ago

nice track, I voted for it. Please check my new track "welcome" and vote back. Follow me on SoundCloud and I will follow you back!

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MAHDI8 months ago

try more

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MAHDI8 months ago

I Voted Before

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Zan Monic
Zan Monic8 months ago

Voted! Nice track bro:)
If you can listen please my new track "Dark Energy" and let me know what you think about it.
Thanks and good luck :)

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teodulo8 months ago

Nice track bro you should Ben in the first position
Voted for sure
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MD3SIGN8 months ago

I VOTED FOR YOU, CAN YOU VOTE BACK ON MY NEW SONG CALLED "4L0N3"? Thank you anyways and good luck : )

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DJ Tronex
DJ Tronex9 months ago

Absolutely sick!! The bass sounds great. Hope you get signed, you deserve it :)

Score: 1
trst9 months ago

Thanks a lot!!

Score: 0
BADVIBES9 months ago

KSHMR brought me here, nice grooves dude. That's one heavy bass indeed, great quality.
And what an honor to be listened by the man, congrats and keep it up. Got a new follower.

Score: 1
trst9 months ago

Thanks a lot homie. Really appreciate it.

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Pardus Hope
Pardus Hope9 months ago

Could you vote back, please?

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SH4DYZ9 months ago

i like it. voted! pls vote back my last remix ty!!

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Jackrz10 months ago

Nice job dude! Voted!! ;) and please check my remix of End With You, if you like it vote me!! It would be amazing!! :)

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SanHayden10 months ago

hey,amazing work great sound, you got my vote and support for this, n plz do support me too for my remix "end with you"

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NoiseFromParis10 months ago

◇ Hi TRST, Nice track here !

◆ You have my vote ! Check my last track "King Of Jungle" :)

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Bruno Gasti
Bruno Gasti10 months ago

Nice work! VOTED, hope you can vote my last remix, GOOD LUCK.

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KUBI10 months ago

Awesome stuff!
You've got my support, and maybe you could show some love back by supporting my latest remix?

Kubi-> End With You (Kubi Remix) CONTEST marked :)
(not the talent pool one )

I'd love to give you a vote back : )

Thanks so much <3

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Mete Kemal
Mete Kemal10 months ago

Voted !!!!

This reaaly good track

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Enjoy !!!

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Mike Prob10 months ago

Sick track, got my vote!

Check out my "Don't Wait" Remix and vote if you want to help me back, thanks!! :))

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