Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 9 months ago

Nice one! It has got a nice feel good summer vibe to it. Loving the melodyline, but it's leaning towards beeing tedious at the end. Try to add a bit more contrast between break drop so the melodyline keeps it power. Nice job so far though, you've got our vote!

Score: 9
SH4DYZ8 months ago

i like it. voted! pls vote back my last remix ty

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Jackrz8 months ago

Nice job dude! Voted!! ;) and please check my remix of End With You, if you like it vote me!! It would be amazing!! :)

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SanHayden8 months ago

Nice track i love it, you got my vote & support! please do vote n drop a comment on my track for my remix - end with you-

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Dvine8 months ago

Huge power here!! sick track bro! the melody is cool :) and this drop sounds pretty massive congrats! :) you have my VOTE! (check your XP)
Could you plz give a check to my track "TOKYO" and maybe support it as well? your vote back would means a lot.. thanks! ;)

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Doub7e8 months ago

Really amazing and very creative, i voted you! plz vote me back and do leave feedback on my track if u want. you rock!!!

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Firesong8 months ago

◇ Hi MARKiSS, good work and nice track !

◆ You have my vote ! Check my last track "King Of Jungle"

Score: 0
Bruno Gasti
Bruno Gasti8 months ago

Nice one! VOTED, hope you can vote my last remix, GOOD LUCK.

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KUBI8 months ago

Awesome stuff!
You've got my support, and maybe you could show some love back by supporting my latest remix?

Kubi-> End With You (Kubi Remix) CONTEST marked :)
(not the talent pool one )

I'd love to give you a vote back : )

Thank you so much < 3

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Ricky Jordan
Ricky Jordan8 months ago

I really like your tracks MARKISS. Happy vibes man

Ricky Jordan - Sky Rocket (Almost in top 100 - Vote to make it top 10!!!)

Ricky Jordan - On My Mind (just added today!)

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Mete Kemal
Mete Kemal8 months ago

Voted !!!!

This reaaly good track

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Enjoy !'!

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SanHayden8 months ago

Love it! Voted and Supported! Love the track! Do vote my remix " end with you"

Score: 0
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Mike Prob8 months ago

Nice track, got my vote!

Check out my "Don't Wait" Remix and vote if you want to help me back, thanks!! :))

Score: 0
Andrew Shepherd
Andrew Shepherd8 months ago

Your track is really awesome :D I voted you to catch the highest rank as you can.
Please help me back and vote my new remix: Snavs - End With You (Andrew Shepherd Remix)

Many thanks :)

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Mohamed Mady
Mohamed Mady8 months ago

Nice one , voted ! . VOTE my new track " ARABIAN NIGHT " .

Score: 0
Lowblow9 months ago

Voted! Please check out our remix 'Snavs ft. King - End with you' and spreads some love...

Score: 0
SanHayden9 months ago

Great music good job. Keep it coming. :) please check out my remix of "Snavs-End With You" please do vote and comment your suppport will mean a lot. Thank u.

Score: 0
SanHayden9 months ago

Great music.. Good job. Keep it coming. :) please check out my remix of "Snavs-End With You" please do vote and comment your suppport will mean a lot. Thank u.

Score: 0
Sayer9 months ago

Nice Track :D You've got my vote!

Please vote back for my latest Track "Magic"
Thanks and have a nice day :)

Score: 0
Nicky Motta
Nicky Motta9 months ago

Voted! Please vote back! :)

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