DJTY- HEY Original Song

Youssef Khalifa
Youssef Khalifa6 months ago

Voted! :) Please have a listen to my track 'Nothing To Lose' and vote back if you like it!

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Dr. cat
Dr. cat6 months ago

cool Drop!
I voted!
please vote back if you like!
thanks bro :D

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James Holland
James Holland6 months ago

Hello, I've left a vote behind for your track. It's too late to give feedback to so many tracks right now. Therefore, you can contact me on SoundCloud to get honest feedback about your track. Please could you return the vote on my latest track, "Waterfall", please? Thank you!

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INOVA_Music6 months ago

VOTED!!! I vote EVERYONE back. Show me love i show love back! 121

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Csaba6 months ago

Voted for you! :) please check out my song Guys! :D It is called "Chiao" Vote please if you like that! :D :W :)

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drohiid7476 months ago

fantastik work nice tune voted !!!!!
please vote my new tune T'O'M'S - Phaz - Zed ( episode 2 )

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X156 months ago

Voted ! Hear my new track Feelinxs and vote for it.
Play it loud and enjoy the nature with your favorite drink.


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Flawd Souls
Flawd Souls6 months ago

Wow this was so good Djty, such nice vibes really had me listening the whole time. I really like how well this is mastered and the sounds you chose how well you put them together! An all around great track great job, Voted and Supported! We hope you spread the love, we all share the same dream so lets help each other out! We hope you come and check out our latest remix much love and best of luck :)

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SAWRAV6 months ago

Hy mate really amazing track loved it and voted too
pls check out my track lets go crazy and vote it bro thanks DJTY

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Max Madd
Max Madd6 months ago

Hey Djty, I voted! Take a second to like my Facebook : maxmaddmusic
Good luck!

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Michael Bravo
Michael Bravo6 months ago

Great track, nice synths in the drop ! Loved bass . Voted ! It would be cool if you could listen my remix of Axwell Λ Ingrosso - Thinking About You , give feedback and vote if you like

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Pardus Hope
Pardus Hope6 months ago

Could you vote back, please?

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Moises Corn
Moises Corn6 months ago

Hey is very well that track has potential voted and supporting hope you can give you a turn in my track called city and vote for it

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Silvius6 months ago

Beautiful track voted !!
Please could you voted my last track ?? Thanks

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JASON PARK6 months ago

Sounds great Bro ~ Voted.
Also Keep supporting my latest trak
"Kiss Me under The Moonlight (Alternative Mix)"
Thanks much ^^

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CRPL3D6 months ago

sick track man!..feelin this one..voted and supported!...can you gimme a vote back on my remix of CID and CEELO GREEN - believer thanks../

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DjTaza6 months ago

it's a great track, i like it and voted for u , wish u vote back for my track ( Now Give Up ) Thanks & Good Luck !!

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neffect6 months ago

I am going to provide you with honest feedback in hopes that you will take a listen to my track “Here we go Now” and vote for it in the contest. We are all on here trying to put our creative juices to work and looking for votes to make it to the top in this Talent Pool which is why I will support you with my vote. The production is there but there are some things I hear in the track that I feel I heard before. I think what is going to make you stand out is looking for that unique sound. The sound that is all yours. I think you are on the right path and you’ll get there. I may be in the same boat but that’s why we’re all here, for the same reasons, we just wanna be heard. I look forward to some honest feedback from you and hopefully a vote. Keep going, don’t ever stop, make people recognize your passion. Thank you and Good Luck!!!!!!!

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Star Combiner
Star Combiner6 months ago

Good track! Voted & Supported!

Check my latest track ''Recall the Now'' and vote if you can! :)

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem6 months ago

hey man! , i'm producer too, and it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my track "What You Want Ft. GMR",
really want to become better, and feedback with artist like you are really preciois for me!
😎👊 - Léo Ben Salem

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