Ken Bauer
Ken Bauer6 months ago

OMG! The Intro is soo great. It is like mixing one of my favourite rock classics, Joan Jett - I love Rock'n Roll, with the freshest EDM. I would love to do a remix of this one.
I am currently at #3 but I will fight you for the #1 spot. But I did vote for you even though it will make it harder for me to beat you.

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Maury Z
Maury Z6 months ago

Very good work, you have my vote, if you have time listen to my "Universal love" and support me, thanks and good luck.
Please add me to your contact in this portal.

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AVER6 months ago


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XER6 months ago

Please check my progressive remix of Symphony!

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Marts Forrell
Marts Forrell6 months ago

something nice, that touch of rock, wow it's excellent, let's go yea, voted, I hope you can vote for me on my track "see me"

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Vibratto'6 months ago

Voted and Supported! Please could you vote back for my Back To You Remix . Thanks for your support its much appreciated. Good luck in the charts :)!2

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Jovine6 months ago

Wow! got my vote! guys vote my track "Take it back" & comment , i will vote back!

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One WLAN Family
One WLAN Family6 months ago

Hello Friend. congratulations for your track, would be honored if you listen to my new topic "Fenix One WLAN Family"

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DJ Azza
DJ Azza6 months ago

Fam this goes in! 🎧 Dig the guitar tone and overall feel... Check out my remix of "Up Til Dawn" when you have a moment, Cheers

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Ross Stephens
Ross Stephens6 months ago

Vote for vote right here! :D

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HeelinX6 months ago

Awesome track, love that the guitar sounds so heavy!! Voted! check out my tune Pls!

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Discovery Culture
Discovery Culture6 months ago

Hi! Great job! I really like this style! I believe that this is the track of the week! Good luck, and please listen to my track Goodzilla! I would be very grateful!

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Krisztian Viola
Krisztian Viola6 months ago

nice track, i like it! Go and submit to the Demopool: newerarec(dot)tk/demopool-1 and win a distribution to Beatport, Spotify, iTunes etc.., a release with ads promotion plus many more coming! All you need is to enter your name, e-mail, etc.. and after that enter your Soundcloud link. That’s it! Good luck:)

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Brook Gee
Brook Gee6 months ago

Again mate, AWESOME track. Cheers, Brook Gee

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LEV L`DRAGON6 months ago

Hi dude'I want to say that your music is really COOL!voted,keep working!)

Check also my latest track "Higher than the Sky" and vote for him!)Thank you men!!!:D

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NOID6 months ago

Hey, love your track!! VOTED AND SUPPORTED!
PLEASE vote me back for my track??? I have few hours!!

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ASY1UM6 months ago

Voted! plz vote for my new track deep thnks

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ENDEGO6 months ago

Great job! Really cool track!

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John Winther
John Winther6 months ago

great song dude!

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Andrew Nagy
Andrew Nagy6 months ago

Nice track! Like it:)Voted!!! If you can listen please my new track "Lowland" and let me know what you think about it.
Thanks and good luck :D

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