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jlmusicc8 months ago

Wow! I love it! Still working hard Voted!
Could you listen my track "aloha" if you like it vote please

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kushiemonster8 months ago

Great track!
Can you check my track "Masters" too? I'd be very thankful!!

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Brtyis8 months ago


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ReyMod8 months ago

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Star Combiner
Star Combiner8 months ago

Good effort and work, you got my vote for sure!

Check my music and vote if you can! :)

Score: 1
BRAUNFUFEL8 months ago

Hey Bro! Good to see you making new music! It's sounds awesome so far, and I voted for you! I wish u all the luck to get ranked up in the charts!

Score: 1
E*T*M records
E*T*M records8 months ago

super work beautifule tune VOTED !!
please vote my new tune T'O'M'S - My Trance *=*

Score: 1
Denis Rostovsky
Denis Rostovsky8 months ago

Good track, I vote for it. Please check my new track "Devotion" and vote back. Follow me on SoundCloud and I will follow you back!

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Léo Ben Salem
Léo Ben Salem8 months ago

hey man! , i'm producer too, and it could be an honor if an DJ/producer
like you could make a feedback about my track "DANCE ONE MORE TIME",
really want to become better, and feedback with artist like you are really preciois for me!
🎹💪 - Léo Ben Salem

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LAST LANTERN8 months ago

hi bro
gd morning
your track was amazing
i really loved it
its been voted and fully supported bro
if u have a little time then plzz check out my new track black magic...
i hope you will listen n vote for my track...thank you so much...and good luck bro...

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Alex Tolpa & Gnatya

Hi friend. You, as a creative person, you can understand me. Music is the only thing that matters to me. Support! Give her a chance!

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SHARKZ8 months ago

Hi! Great job! I really like this style! I believe that this is the track of the week! Good luck, and please listen to my track BERSERKER!!!

Score: 1
Alebrium8 months ago

thanks SHARKZ I really appreciate that :D
I'll check your track

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MonstatracK music
MonstatracK music8 months ago

Awesome track VOTED
Vote Back in my remix [ Faded MonstamiX ] Thanks,Nic work,
Best of luck,

Score: 1
Sanctiar8 months ago

Ok so I like your idea. With the new percussion and everything. Your problem is that you've over compressed this track quite a lot, You can hear some distortion and very little dynamic range (Just look at the waveform). The drop is really cool. You might ned to add more white noise sweeps etc in the build up to let it flow more into the drop. Apart from that it's cool. If you get the chance, please have a listen to my new track, thanks :)

Score: 1
Alebrium8 months ago

Thanks for saying that, I realized my mistakes a few weeks after I posted this track on soundcloud and its always nice to hear some feedback to get better, I'll check your track, best of luck

Score: 1
Max Madd
Max Madd8 months ago

Hey Alebrium, I voted! Take a second to follow my Soundcloud : maxmaddmusic
Good luck!

Score: 1
Hossein mh
Hossein mh8 months ago

Nice ❤️❤️ Like and voted🌹
🌹🌹 please vote back ❤️ Merci

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Snomp978 months ago

Bella veramente ma questo lo sapevi già
Comunque preparati agli spammer
Ps come posso vincere il biscotto?

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Alebrium8 months ago

.... 🍪

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Séthi 1er
Séthi 1er8 months ago

hello alebium ...Good track , honnestly , i need some votes like you , better to help each other , i decided to vote you & follow you .if you want you can listen & vote my track back at ( séthi 1er feat vanny jordan - sexy move )thks in advance & good luck

Score: 1
MAHDI8 months ago

Very Good work alebrium, Voted
I hope see your work on top

Score: 1
Mata8 months ago

Wow cool remix 😉 VOTED 👌 Listen to my new song Pulse thank you 🖐

Score: 1