KSHMR, Hardwell - Power (Owen Velik Remix)

4FromSouth9 hours ago

great remix voted!
Hi souther, we are the 4FROMSOUTH. You are ready for 165bpm of total power πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ vote for this remix to support our project.

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James Holland
James Holland15 hours ago

Hey there! I've left a vote for your track. Could you vote back for my latest track, "Stay" please? Thank you!

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Victory F
Victory F21 hours ago

Nice song bro. Voted. Vote for vote? Please vote me back if you like my remix. Thanks and good luck ;)

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neffect1 day ago

I like your remix, lot of elements in there that make it your own. I love the dynamics in this one. Not really a fan of the original but I am a fan of your remix. You definitely have my vote for this. I hope you will take the time to vote back on my track "SPECTRUM". Good luck to you in the contest!!!!

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Mr. Raden
Mr. Raden3 days ago

Nice! Cool Drop! Voted !

Do you mind to vote & check my track " Strangers (Original Mix) " Thanks !

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Mumdy4 days ago

very c o o l track you have my vote can you check my entry Nervo Feat. Chief Keef - Champange ( Mumdy Remix )

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HENRIKZ6 days ago

Hey my man!

Nice song you made i like it alot.
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Thanks! <3

- henrikz

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BRUSE6 days ago

Nice track mate!
Think you could give a look at mine 'Power' remix?
Thank you Owen!
I wish you all the best!

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Apollo 51
Apollo 516 days ago

I like the intro in this one. Definitely voted. I would appreciate it if you go and support my remix with a vote. Hardwell & KSHMR - Power (Apollo 51 remix). Thanks =)

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P.A.I-C6 days ago

Hello I really liked what you did with this one I think you could be on to something, and I am going to vote for you and hope that in return you will vote on my track latest track. At the moment my Kshmr/Hardwell Power Remix If you like what you hear, smash that follow button or follow me on SoundCloud so we can continue to provide each-other with feedback and support. /// P

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KAW  Music
KAW Music7 days ago

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Thanks for attention friend!!

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shafzz7 days ago

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vote is not nessasary if you dont like it !
thanks ! all the best !

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Joonas8 days ago

Sorry but it’s not even a remix. Drop is still the same. Keep working on something new, that way you’ll get better at producing.

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.Dot.8 days ago

I like your remix man. Nice take on ur own sound with the song. I like it. Check out mine if you have time too. Power (.dot. Remix). I love feedback if u have any. I'm also willing to provide feedback if wanted.

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Golden Pineapple

I love your work My vote is yours!!!!

I also invite you to listen to my #Crusade track and earn your vote.

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Golden Pineapple

I love your work My vote is yours!!

I also invite you to listen to my #Crusade track and earn your vote.

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Vzitranlovk8 days ago

I voted.
Please vote for me in the CONTEST : NERVO FT. CHIEF KEEF – CHAMPAGNE

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The Avotrack
The Avotrack9 days ago

Nice Ideas, but that track is little volume, loud it. Voted from me. Vote my POWER Remix Too....

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Cale Jera
Cale Jera9 days ago

Im voted! Please Vote back! Thank you!

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Andrewq10 days ago

You did a really nice job on your remix!
could you please vote my remix "Nervo - Champagne"?
Thank you so much!!

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