KSHMR, Hardwell

Hey there guys, This is me, Chronicle, back again with my remix for Hardwell & KSHMR's Power, which is one hell of a banger. All those who have listened to my remix without the vocals , they know that they are going to love it :) Hope you like it too ! Support me here for the remix contest..it would mean the world to me <3

A.N.B9 months ago


Please, check my last remix "KEEP YOUR HEAD UP"and if you like it, give me your vote

Thank you!!!!!

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ShieiWWW9 months ago

Voted! Really like this song! nice

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STEALTH9 months ago

I really like the intensity of your track! Feel free to add your own touch to it tho, like in melodies and sounds (:
Please check out and vote for my KSHMR & Hardwell - Power (STEALTH Rework) as well! Thank you and good luck! 🙏🏻

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mueenmusix9 months ago

Awesome Remix Good Work!!!
Voted it bro :)

I have Just Posted new track "Lost Voices"!!
Support and Vote it thank you good luck!

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Math Cost
Math Cost9 months ago

Hi Bro ! Great track ! 😜 I vote for you.
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James Holland
James Holland10 months ago

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Paul Rushh
Paul Rushh10 months ago

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RONGGAR10 months ago

Nice! Cool Drop! Voted !

Do you mind to vote & check my track " Strangers (Original Mix) " Thanks !

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HENRIKZ10 months ago

Hey my man!

Nice song you made i like it alot.
Please take a look and give a vote on my remix of " Power "
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Thanks! <3

- henrikz

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BRUSE10 months ago

Nice track mate!
Think you could give a look at mine 'Power' remix?
Thank you Chronicle!
I wish you all the best!

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KAW  Music
KAW Music10 months ago

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Thanks for attention friend!!

-Kaw Music

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victorcesuras10 months ago

Nice remix. Voted. Could you check my Power remix? Vote me if you like it. Thanks and good luck :)

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Erland S.
Erland S.10 months ago

I love your work My vote is yours!!!!!!

I also invite you to listen to my #Crusade track and earn your vote.

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Vzitranlovk10 months ago

nice, I voted.
Please vote for me in the CONTEST : NERVO FT. CHIEF KEEF – CHAMPAGNE

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Perfectti10 months ago

Nice remix! You got my vote ;)

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The Avotrack
The Avotrack10 months ago

Awesome. Voted From Me. Vote my POWER Remix Too....

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Cale Jera
Cale Jera10 months ago

Nice remix! Im voted! Please Vote back! Thank you!

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Andrewq10 months ago

You did a really nice job on your remix!
could you please vote my remix "Nervo - Champagne"?
Thank you so much!!

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DJ Riddum
DJ Riddum10 months ago

You have My Vote..<3

Please Vote Back On my remix Track Punjabi..

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Erland S.
Erland S.10 months ago

Nice remix!!!!!! Please return me your vote on my Crusade Track. Thanks :)

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