Seriously this track born because of Hardwell and Kshmr. This is one of my favorite track. Hardwell and KSHMR did some brilliant work on it.. and i have spent a lot time to make it sound good as much as i can to make it my own version for the spinnin records talent pool contest.. i hope you guys like it...

Melantropia19 hours ago

Nice idea bro
Can you listen my remix?

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neffect22 hours ago

Some feedback for your. Good job on your remix, I can hear the difference from yours and others, you separate yourself by putting a little bit of your own sound in there and that's pretty cool. Hopefully that stands out to Spinnin and Revealed. You definitely have my vote and support. Please vote back on my track "SPECTRUM" and follow me on Sound Cloud for future support. Good Luck!!!!!

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Wandering Minds4 days ago

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DAV54 days ago

This is the first power Ive heard haha. The plucks are a lil too loud and idk if the fit with the track. The vocals are pretty buried under everything so work on getting a better mix with the vocals. Mastering and mixing is not the best. There is tooo much reverb with the leads tbh. Idea is good but just work on having a better sound. But ayeee I guess I am going to be like everyone else and promote myself as well, but could you sincerely check out my latest remix of Dua Lipa "Hotter Than Hell" and better yet if you could actually support it on Soundcloud because I mostly care of growing a fan base there than here even tho this is a good place to shamelessly plug your track haha. But it would mean so much if you could support it on soundcloud. Message me anytime in there for support or feedback!! Thank you so much!! Take care!!! =)

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LAST LANTERN4 days ago

my leads have too much reverb?
i dont know but its sound nice to me rather than a small amount of reverb...
actually you try to treat your should understand that reverb can fill the space between the gap of notes... so i have tried to fix that..and i know there is some fault on mixing the pluck.. its sounds louder than other elements... ill keep in mind next time during mixing... thank you for feedback... i like your remix...
keep up... thank you

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