i will vote for you and then i hope you do the same.


Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel8 days ago

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Golden Pineapple

Cool track! Good work!
You have my vote and full support!
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Thank you so much!!

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_DARCHIBALD_8 days ago

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WizzardA8 days ago

Sick dude voted

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Shatiks8 days ago

Nice melody - –źlready voted!

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AlxxKeys8 days ago

Hello there. I've left a vote for your track. Could you vote back for my latest track, "Say Nana" please? Thank you!

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Hardi9 days ago

Hi! Vote back bro!
Really nice Track! I Like it! Voted! :)
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Thank You and Good Luck! :)

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Johann Colenetz
Johann Colenetz9 days ago

Nice track

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Mario Vido
Mario Vido9 days ago

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My song is "Amelin - (Original Mix)"

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Marsophonic9 days ago

A solid position in the drums. Interesting leads. When I peered through, I wanted to swim in the ocean all my life. And turn into a dolphin

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Ro Revrock
Ro Revrock8 days ago

haha thanks man is nice what you have message me.

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Huub van der Zwan

Hi, could you please vote for my track 'Atlas' to earn a vote?

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Nemfasis9 days ago


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9301550871394849 days ago


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Oliver Young
Oliver Young9 days ago

Nice Track! VOTED! Please Vote for my latest remix, that would help alot

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Lenny Armstrong
Lenny Armstrong9 days ago

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Dj Donsz
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SaaDJ9 days ago

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OfficialVoltex9 days ago

Good work! You have my vote! If you can vote on my new track 'Voltex & Trobi - Hands Up' I'd really appreciate it! You have my support!!! :)

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Sinkes9 days ago

great one

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