This bass boosted remix from Ananth Sai Reddy of the hit "Havana" has the mixture of big room reverb with the essence of dubstep drop.


Joe Blast
Joe Blast15 minutes ago


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Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel4 hours ago

Hi there. Good job! I have left a vote for your track. Could you vote back for my latest track, "IDIAN BREATH" please? Thank you!!

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BAMF6 hours ago

I told you I'm in love with this song, I already voted it but here you have a "revote" hahaha

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EugenioTaicuz6 hours ago

votado pero ayudame con tu aopyo ( Remix Piñata

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Taius6 hours ago

nice one got my vote back!

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16017 hours ago

you got my vote bro!

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Xtrakted7 hours ago

Really like this one! Love the dubstep influence.

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gsmokemusic7 hours ago

got our vote! love the dub, check ours out!

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Konradinjo8 hours ago

I voted nice Track <3 ツ Can anyone give some feedback on my new track? What do you think about it's style? Do you think it is too "Not Mainstream" and "weird". Do you know any tips for vocals?

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Lasse Illeborg
Lasse Illeborg9 hours ago

You got my vote!

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Miccey10 hours ago

Amazing track, got my vote!
If you have time, check out my new song "Fairy" and if you like it, leave a vote!

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James Traynor
James Traynor10 hours ago

Very cool idea! Pretty sure you have a predator click sound effect in there which sounds sick! Voted :) Make sure you vote back on my track called Without You !!

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Isuru Warna11 hours ago

cool track

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Lusitany11 hours ago

Very nice sound!
I hope you will succeed!
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OnlySOUNDZ11 hours ago

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OnlySOUNDZ11 hours ago

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OnlySOUNDZ11 hours ago

Nice work produccer

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m31ght12 hours ago

Dope !! voted :)

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Golden Pineapple
Golden Pineapple13 hours ago

Nice Work ! Voted and supported can you please listen to my track "Witch" and if you like it vote for me :) thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mad Stage
Mad Stage13 hours ago

Nice ^_^ I Voted!
Pls check my remix

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