This bass boosted remix from Ananth Sai Reddy of the hit "Havana" has the mixture of big room reverb with the essence of dubstep drop.


Felix Hunter
Felix Hunter2 months ago

I have voted for you bro
can u pls vote back for my "you and I" remix
thank you and have a nice day

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Victory1442 months ago

excellents sounds, im voted this track!!! Check "Victory ft. Addie Nicloe - Alive

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Phradifold2 months ago

Saludos amigo...
buena canción...
te pido que le votes por la mía "The Beggining" ya vote por la tuya. buena pista.
igual buscame en Souncloud como "Phradifold".
graciss por leer mi mensaje.

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Zumx2 months ago


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MAHDI2 months ago


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Dj O.M.N.I.A
Dj O.M.N.I.A2 months ago

nice Track bro i like the intro Piano Intrumental big respect :)

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Maschera Franck
Maschera Franck2 months ago

Good track...voted!
Please listen and vote my last work dance "Maschera Franck feat. Sanastasio Boster - FRESH" and/or my track EDM "Maschera Franck - MEDIO EVOLUTION".Thanks you and good luck!

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Creay2 months ago

Nice basss

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Victory1442 months ago

excellents sounds, im voted this track!! Check "Victory ft. Addie Nicloe - Alive"

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gsmokemusic2 months ago


Got our vote
Hope you can drop a vote on our track called bitch!

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JOKER official
JOKER official2 months ago

Good track , Voted

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Ankit pannu
Ankit pannu2 months ago


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dennissummers2 months ago

Hi brother ! Good topic ! 😜 I vote for you. Because I know we can all support each other.
Could you vote for my remix of lucas and esteve please? 🙏🏼 let me know
If you like it, follow me on SoundCloud and I'll follow you! =) '' '
greetings good vibes brother :

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@bustedyub2 months ago

vote back please ko

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Daniel Redix
Daniel Redix2 months ago

Hears! :) Good track. You have won my vote! :) Visit my New Remix of Lucas Steve x FireBeatz ft Little Giants - Keep your head up. And vote if you want Thank you.

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Matthieu Laurent
Matthieu Laurent2 months ago

I love it. I voted for you please bro voted for my new track Sunset

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Max Dpt
Max Dpt2 months ago

The buildup and vocal chops are so satisfying I'm 100% in love with this remix.

You got my vote 100%.

Maybe you could check out my remix of Keep Your Head Up, I would appreciate it alot!

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Why Pavo
Why Pavo2 months ago

Really liked it! Voted

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Adam George
Adam George2 months ago

Good song you have my vote, please vote my new song, saxo :),,..

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BlairGormal2 months ago

I've Heard Your Track, And I Really Loved It.
Really Loved The Intro Of The Track. Keep It Up Mate!
Definitely Voted also vote back please

Also, I'm Working On A Track And I Would Love To Collaborate With You!
Please Message Me On SoundCloud If You Are Interested..

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