This bass boosted remix from Ananth Sai Reddy of the hit "Havana" has the mixture of big room reverb with the essence of dubstep drop.


emrebarisartiktr2 months ago

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askingariout2 months ago

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DINITY2 months ago

Hey bro !! I love your fucking remix and your mastering is fucking good i voted for you ! And my first track "Space" is OUT NOW if you want voted for me :) but good job !

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Jeytvil2 months ago

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Anggraito Surya F
Anggraito Surya F2 months ago

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FikriFadlilah2 months ago

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ReX Oliver
ReX Oliver2 months ago

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Erland S.
Erland S.2 months ago

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itsTripleM2 months ago

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SolarSFS2 months ago

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Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel2 months ago

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Montaze2 months ago

JEEEEEEEEEEZZ that drop was sick!!! You have my vote bro. Check out my recent remix if you can & if you like it I would appreciate the vote🙏🏼

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medwin dreams
medwin dreams2 months ago

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teodulo2 months ago

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dj iggy
dj iggy2 months ago

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Domens (Official)
Domens (Official)2 months ago

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Ashesh2 months ago

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AUZTN2 months ago

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Cole Stevenson
Cole Stevenson2 months ago

Great Track! Loved it, especially the drop! Voted.
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I really appreciate the support. :)
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Haven2 months ago

the drop is really cool i listen to it for all day long

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