Too Funky


Some Funky Bass House, still in search of that release.


Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 10 months ago

Thanks for this one! The drop is nice but it takes too long before it kicks in. You might wanna add a hooky element to it to spice things up.

Score: 11
N Effect aka Doro
N Effect aka Doro10 months ago

Thank you, I was thinking about shortening it too. I just wanted to add more anticipation to the drop. But don't worry, I got more music for you. My quest to be signed by Spinnin' Records is a dream I won't give up on and I feel i'm getting closer by the track.

Score: 9
Nik Alevizos
Nik Alevizos1 month ago

slick sound...nice production...i agree with below . keep up the good work. got my vote

Score: 0
Babu X
Babu X8 months ago

WTF. I need this for my next set.

Score: 0
Indiano8 months ago

i like the beginning of this one my frend!!!

Score: 0
NewElementMusic9 months ago

I like this track. Quite explosive, and yet underlying it all there is very nice melody going on. Thumbs up

Score: 0
Abel Same
Abel Same9 months ago

Wow!!i would like to ask you how you make the song sound so strong and powerful, thank you very much!! You are a machine!!!

Score: 0
MD3SIGN9 months ago

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Score: 0
Denis Rostovsky
Denis Rostovsky9 months ago

Nice track, I vote for it. Please check my new track "Anxious Portrait" and vote back

Score: 0
MD3SIGN9 months ago

I VOTED FOR YOU, CAN YOU VOTE BACK ON MY NEW SONG CALLED "OBS3SSION"? Thank you anyways and good luck :)

Score: 0
Victory14410 months ago

excellents sounds, i voted this track! Check "Victory ft. Addie Nicloe - Alive"

Score: 0
Anggraito Surya F
Anggraito Surya F10 months ago

Nice track brother ! Voted
Please vote my new remix , thank you :)

Score: 0
gsmokemusic10 months ago

Got our vote
Hope you can drop a vote on our track called bitch!

Score: 0
AK-YY PANNU10 months ago


Score: 0
Adam George
Adam George10 months ago

Good song you have my vote, please vote my new song, saxo :),,..

Score: 0
Drypto10 months ago

Great track, man! Voted!

Please vote back for my track "Drypto - Jungle Party (Original Mix)"

Score: 0
Audiocidemusic10 months ago

nice track

Score: 0
itsTripleM10 months ago

supported! I might play this at the club next weekend! can you vote back on my future house track "Adventures"--.

Score: 0
Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel10 months ago

Hi there. Good job! I have left a vote for your track. Could you vote back for my latest track, "IDIAN BREATH" please? Thank you !!

Score: 0
Critix10 months ago

Happening a lot in the drop, like it ! :D great track!

Score: 1
Jax410 months ago

I enjoyed it you have my vote come back please!! ❤ Jax4 "Dangerous"

Score: 0