If you like it vote on my Spinnin page :)

Tom Mind
Tom Mind4 hours ago

Very good remix! You've got my vote! Voted! Please check out my remix of "Keep your head up"

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Denis Rostovsky
Denis Rostovsky9 hours ago

Good job, I vote for it. Please check my new track "Anxious Portrait" and vote back. Follow me on Soundcloud, I have a lot of interesting music!

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the_rabbits13 hours ago

Voted! Cheers :)

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DJ Paolo V.
DJ Paolo V.1 day ago

Impressive! Congratulations! :D

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g-pizzy1 day ago

Very impressive! Very good chillout vibe. I voted 4shur.

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Ok! Here is the new campaign, called the TRUE! NO LIES ANYMORE! No Bla-Bla for voting back!
Good start,good idea, good used sounds...its not all perfect, but anyway i give you my vote!

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Stucks1 day ago

So particular and original, love it! VOTED. Check my remix of 'Ocean Drive' in my page and give me your opinion if you have time

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2 The Sun
2 The Sun1 day ago

Hey VSC !! Awesome remix !! Very original. Could you vote for my remix of Piñata and give me your thoughts on it? Thanks !!

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Dj Any Music
Dj Any Music1 day ago


Score: 1
Azt3cDJ1 day ago

ill give you vote, just because of the perfect drop!
i see you worked hard for this but the rest of the track sounds too sad, and then there comes the drop like you won the lottery
keep up and ill put my remix in a few days so you can hear it as well
good luck!

Score: 2
CYA1 day ago

LOVE it Broooo, give me some support on my remix of ¨Keep your head up¨ too

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M.EDM2 days ago

voted bro..

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KiiLDRN3 days ago

Take a second to check my remix out for Lucas & Steve x Firebeatz, I hope you like it and don't forget to vote!

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CedRak_DIDI3 days ago

Really love it! Can you love mine too xD ?

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ĽŽØ3 days ago

Hey bro, nice track, I really hope you vote my track, that would be nice ;)

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Puchii3 days ago

Espero que me ayudes votando mi ultimo remix (Piñata) y (KEEP YOUR HEAD UP) !!

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J-Rob MD
J-Rob MD3 days ago

killer! Voted back and followed you as well, would love a follow back if you dig what I'm doing, thanks!

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ρ▲s k▲`
ρ▲s k▲`3 days ago

Great drop.. good sound
I vote for you without having votes in return😎

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Konradinjo4 days ago

I voted nice Remix <3 ツ Can anyone give some feedback on my new track? What do you think about it's style? Do you think it is too "Not Mainstream" and "weird"

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Roominsky4 days ago

VOTED! Great remix. I like the tropical vibes. Keep it up!

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