I'm a UK dance producer called Joe Nolan aka DJ Mixer Man and this is my new single which I created for Spinnin Records I'm now waiting for a reply to see if they like it and willing to support my music thank you everyone for your support


Ali Salahov
Ali Salahov24 days ago

Voted! Please, vote back my last track "Pinata (Ali Salahov & AgaS remix)".

Score: 1
LAST LANTERN24 days ago

Hey bro
Merry Christmas and happy new year to u & your family...
Nice track
Awesome production.
You have my vote
Could you plz check out my new remix"GOLD SKIES" &"KEEP YOUR HEAD UP"...plzz listen and vote for me. thanks.

Score: 1
thegurishow24 days ago

Really nice one track enjoyed,
keep doing the good things, wish ya good luck, you have mine vote
Please take a while to support my "Keep Your Head Up Remix, got placed in top 10.
Help me to get on top,
Thank ya,

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Denis Rostovsky
Denis Rostovsky24 days ago

Good job, I vote for it. Please check my new track "Anxious Portrait" and vote back. Follow me on Soundcloud, I have a lot of interesting music!

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B£@T M@K£R$
B£@T M@K£R$24 days ago

Voted bro, Listened and loved! Hit us back bro
Its good Karma ..

Score: 2
Ahad Khan
Ahad Khan24 days ago

Awesome track.. Voted! Please vote back my track "Follow"

Score: 1
Stenzel24 days ago

In my opinion this is a good track. Mixing and mastering are excellent even the melody is beautiful. Bravo!Voted!
And please, if it's not difficult for you, vote for my track "Love is Dead". Thank you :P:P

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DJ MixerMan
DJ MixerMan24 days ago


Score: 1
tHe Caretaker
tHe Caretaker24 days ago

Hey cool and fresh track! You got my vote! Please check my remix contest “ Lucas&Steve Keep Your Head Up“ and vote me back or write a comment if you like it! Thanks

Score: 1
Martin Time
Martin Time24 days ago

Nice Track!!!!

i vote for it

Please Check put my song Bounce That ass & Give me some feedback & a vote.

Maybe you can also follow me on Soundcloud

Score: 1
Ashesh24 days ago

Amazing track! Voted. Also vote my new track-illusion and if you like my track don't forget to follow me.

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John Edrwxen
John Edrwxen24 days ago

Nice track bro voted, please vote back for me I would be grateful :)

Score: 1
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Peter Pinehiller24 days ago

voted ! vote back my TOGETHER ! thanks!

Score: 1
Retro A
Retro A24 days ago

Great track Mixerman, Voted :) Can you also help me out by voting back for my latest track "Voyager"?

Score: 1
davidstormmy24 days ago

Mixerman, great track, I love it! Voted and supported! Please, could you vote my lastest remix of 'Opera' by MOTi? Thanks You

Score: 1
MOUSA24 days ago

Great track, you got my vote!!

Keep up the good work man! :)

Score: 1
Ro Revrock
Ro Revrock24 days ago

voted !!
please vote for vote..
i've got a new track on soundcloud called: Blue Heaven
it's a great edm song from Rorevrock ..
hope you will like and share it
vote for me and leave a comment, i will vote back if you comment and have voted for me. .......

Score: 1
AUZTN24 days ago

Nice track! Voted! . Can you vote my track "HURRICANE"? Thanks!

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ZÄBERZAHN24 days ago

I also like edm 🤷🏼‍♂️

Score: 1
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Prej24 days ago

Hey nice track man !!

Score: 1
Alvin Eldin
Alvin Eldin24 days ago

We voted! :) Keep it up man

Score: 1