"My Song Is The Answer" is my first single, which combines a calm and romantic breakdown with a powerful Dutch house in the style of "Spinnin' Records". I really love music from "Spinnin" and I hope to release a couple of tracks in their label. And while I am gaining experience, please listen and rate my track, because "my song is the answer." Happy New Year my friends!


Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 10 days ago

Thanks for this one! The intro is leaning towards beeing tedious. Just cut the part 0:44 - 1:16 to spice up things. Same goes for the break. Hope that helps, good luck!

Score: 3
Elizaveta Vladi
Elizaveta Vladi9 days ago

Thank you very much for the feedback, I will redo this track

Score: 2
Bargus1 day ago

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Pulsarlights1 day ago

woooooooow this is very nice! you have my vote!
Support from italy!
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Lukrembo1 day ago

Really great track!!!!! Good atmosphere with bridge and drop part is a bit messy and cool. so great job, could use some more synths with that drop part, but could also be my personal taste.
I voted XD!!!!! Can you vote for my track 'This is the love'?

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Dj O.M.N.I.A
Dj O.M.N.I.A2 days ago


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Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel2 days ago

Hi there. Wooooooh,Good job! I like your part very much and vote! It's really cool! I love this sound.
The cool drop is very impressive and the melody is awesome! I voted.
I have left a vote for your track. Could you vote back for my latest remix, "YOU & I" please? Thank you!
Good Luck !

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SamShuk2 days ago

Thats amazing !

I voted for your track !

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Thanks !!

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EmBrace2 days ago

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Matthieu Laurent

voted ! Good job. Please Vote back. Check my last remix

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SamShuk3 days ago

Thats amazing !

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Thanks !

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Nenad Tevani
Nenad Tevani3 days ago

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Pulsarlights3 days ago

wooow this is very nice! you have my vote!
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Jelumix3 days ago

wow! Amazing!!! Voted! Please checkout my latest track too. I am 17 years old.

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dj Dasquad
dj Dasquad3 days ago

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Wavejackers4 days ago

Nice Track VOTED!
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TVDB4 days ago

Nice track mate, voted!!!

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Singletone4 days ago

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Ankit pannu
Ankit pannu5 days ago

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SamShuk5 days ago

Thats amazing !

I voted for your track !!

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Thanks ! :)

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Wizhard6 days ago

nice song really, you deserved my vote, you can go and listen to my track Wizarding World, and you can vote for it.
Beautiful track seriously

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