You & I (Nikhil Remix)

Mike Williams x Dastic

New remix of Mike Williams X Dastic - You and I. Hope you guys will like it. Vote, support and share. Thank you.

mueenmusix8 months ago

Hey I like your Remix so I wanna invite you to check my new track "HEY" and give your feedback you can vote if you like it.!!!

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SJS9 months ago

This one is really cool! I gave it a VOTE!
If you have time, please listen to my track. Give it a vote if you like it!
Thanks for your time!

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Yoel Peirano
Yoel Peirano9 months ago

Hey there, really nice track, voted!
Could you pls vote back for my new Song "Salad Dressing"? Wish you luck in the contest

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XZXMusic9 months ago

Good Luck Nikhil! We Sent A Vote Your Way And We Hope You've Voted For Us! If You Haven't Make Sure To Check out Remix Out And Let Us Know What You Think! If You Have Make Sure To Follow Us On Soundcloud For More Releases Soon!

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Mumdy9 months ago

awesome track , voted, can you like my parade remix thx

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mueenmusix9 months ago

Awesome track nice concept mastering is good enjoyed your track so voted it.πŸ‘
You can check out my new track "Deep" and If you like just give a vote...!!
Good luckπŸ‘

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GRUSE9 months ago

Great mix! Keep up the good work!

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R3XMusic9 months ago

I like your song man... I voted everyone and You too deserve my vote... ...

Basically i like your style...

Vote me back.. to my New bigroom house "Louder".

#Follow me I will follow you back.
#Peace #Lafha...

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Cosmonov9 months ago

Voted! Please vote back, thank you! Bring the house down(Original Mix)

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fredmcnabmusic9 months ago

Voted! Sounds awesome! Mind checking mine out and voting back? Thanks.

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Felix Hunter
Felix Hunter9 months ago

dude I have voted for you
can u pls vote back for my song "trumpets"

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distymusic9 months ago

Awesome track dude, i like your vibes! Voted!
Check my new remix "Parade" for the contest and Vote it back!!,

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Spe5tre9 months ago

thanks for the support voted back.,!

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XZXMusic9 months ago

Just sent a vote over to your remix! We'd love to see a vote from you on our tracks! Amazing Track Here!

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Deepank9 months ago

Amazing track mate
Please vote for my remix.

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Ξ£ven9 months ago

Hey NIKHL, allow me to stand out of this comment section for a couple seconds here,

First things first, let me confess that I just β–Ό Voted β–² for your upload, that's the least I can do to give a small helping hand on those messy charts hey,

Now that said, if you took the time to read until there, please know that I would be delighted to help you out even more by taking a look at one of your latest works and giving you my honest opinion and constructive feedback about quality and arrangement on your track, which happens to be kinda hard to find these days; just hit me out in my comments section or even better, on SoundCloud and I'll be really happy to have a talk with you! Like for real haha ;)

Much much respect, and I hope you'll eventually return the favor if you judge it's worth it!

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EZEKIEL FREZZA9 months ago

Listening to your track! Very good production!
You have my vote! and I'm also following you!
Thanks for stopping by and listening to my latest publications. I hope your support!

DUALITY Original Mix

Greetings @EzekielFrezza

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The antracites
The antracites9 months ago

...... I listened to your music and I enjoyed it so much.

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Priom FTW
Priom FTW9 months ago

Wow ! Nice work bro.. I really like this track. Your sound is very much excellent. Good job bro.
I voted this track bro. All the best.

Please vote my new track "Hardwell-Young Again (Priom FTW Remix)". Give me your support bro.

Again your sound is enjoyable. Nice work bro.

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MAHDI9 months ago

Good , Keep Going , Give The Voted Back

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