I'm a 17 years old productor and I've made this track for the Spinnin records remix contest. I hope that you'll enjoy it :)

Dualed18 hours ago

Voted! If you can listen to our version of VINAI - Parade (Dualed Remix) and VOTE it would be nice.

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Anquin2 days ago

WOW this Parade remix is awesome!! I voted for your track:)

Please vote for my track "Abduction!" thanks:3

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VINOMUSIC3 days ago

Amazing remix, I like the Vibes! Voted for sure!!
Check my new remix "Parade" and Vote it back!

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Pulsarlights3 days ago

Wow bro that's very nice! You have my vote.
Please vote for my Parade remix 🙏

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Papercut Killer
Papercut Killer3 days ago

Voted! Please vote for my Parade remix as well. <3

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neffect3 days ago

Wow!!I like what you did what this one, you made some improvements that are actually better than the original track. I hope you do well in this contest. You certainly have my vote. Please take a listen and vote for my track "LET GO". Your comment or feedback is important so if you have some time I would appreciate it. Thank you and good luck!!!!!!!!!

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SolDin4 days ago

Good remix!
Please Vote back.
Check my last track "KSHMR - Wildcard (SOLDIN REMIX)"

You have my Support!

Follow me on
and I'll follow you!

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SBNZmusic5 days ago

I love this, voted bro, Can you support my remix? Cheers!

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Lazy-Cat5 days ago

Nice! Voted!
Please Check my remix of "Parade (Lazy-Cat Remix)" and vote if you like it. )

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Calu5 days ago

Great one :D
Can u help me getting up here?
I'd really love your support :D

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Thushantha5 days ago

Voted!!!!!Please vote my "Parade" remix.

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DNDY6 days ago

Nice remix, you have my vote.
please listen to my remix "Parade" and vote for it too!!
have a good day

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shafzz6 days ago

hey Basther we meet again after (FEEL GOOD CONTEST) first of all great Remix !!!
You have got my vote because I like the track !
Could you give feedback on my track : "Terminate"
Vote only if you think ive done a good job !
thanks and Good Luck !!!

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Basther DJ5 days ago

Ty bro i will listen and vote for your track ;)

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Mistak36 days ago

Could you vote for my remix of Parade? It would be very helpful thanks: D

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Mistak36 days ago

Voted, nice remix
Could you vote for my remix of Parade? It would be very helpful thanks :D

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Graddz™6 days ago

VOTED !! :)
Hey Man !! i just listen to your track and
its really great ,the drop is awesome !

Can you vote for my remix of vinai's parade :) and give a feedback :).

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Izunt6 days ago

Nice one dude. I voted.
Please check also my remix of Parade.

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Facke6 days ago

Nice track man! Voted!!
I also have a cool track, vote for it
thanks in advance!

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STR!X6 days ago

Really nice drop! Voted :) Like the burp lol xD

Now that I helped you, would you like to vote back on my "you & I" remix and maybe also give me some feedback? The contest is done in 10 hours and I would really love some help to raise a bit! Thanks :)

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BRYT3R7 days ago

Please vote back dude, it would mean alot to me

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