Official audio for Vinai - Parade (ZÄBERZAHN Remix) for Spinnin' Records remix contest | ZABERZAHN

distymusic8 minutes ago

Awesome track dude, i like your vibes! Voted!
Check my new remix "Parade" and Vote it back!-.

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FelixHunter10 hours ago

I have voted for you bro
can u pls vote back for my song "together"

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Dualed18 hours ago


If you can listen to our version of VINAI - Parade (Dualed Remix) and VOTE it would be nice.

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mueenmusix22 hours ago

Hey Cool track it's good voted and supported.. 👍
Take a second to check out my new track "Infinity" and support me back..
Good luck have a good day.

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Razzwell1 day ago

Amazing bro Voted! can you check my remix "Vinai Parade - Razzwell Remix" and vote me.

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Dobie2 days ago

voted! :)

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Anquin2 days ago

WOW this Parade remix is awesome!!! I voted for your track:)

Please vote for my track "Abduction!" thanks:3

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VINOMUSIC3 days ago

Amazing remix, I like the Vibes! Voted for sure!!
Check my new remix "Parade" and Vote it back!

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Pulsarlights3 days ago

Wow bro that's very nice! You have my vote.
Please vote for my Parade remix 🙏

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Papercut Killer
Papercut Killer3 days ago

Voted! Please vote for my Parade remix as well. <3

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neffect3 days ago

Wow!!I like what you did what this one, you made some improvements that are actually better than the original track. I hope you do well in this contest. You certainly have my vote. Please take a listen and vote for my track "LET GO". Your comment or feedback is important so if you have some time I would appreciate it. Thank you and good luck!!!!

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SolDin4 days ago

Good remix!
Please Vote back.
Check my last track "KSHMR - Wildcard (SOLDIN REMIX)"

You have my Support!

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DJ DiscoDeluxe
DJ DiscoDeluxe4 days ago

Not the most best mix down but keep on going! vote for you please vote for my track.

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Bedside Venue
Bedside Venue4 days ago

Def the most unique take on this track I've heard. Sounds like you have the same issue others I've heard had where they changed the tempo of their version, but never slowed the tempo of the vocal stem to get it to match. But like I told them, that could have been your intention sooo, who the hell am I to say lol. Anyways... Voted! I'd appreciate it if you could drop a vote back on my remix as well! We are all squirrels just trying to get a nut, after all lol. Best of luck in the contest and stay golden, my friend :)

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Lazy-Cat5 days ago

Nice! Voted!
Please Check my remix of "Parade (Lazy-Cat Remix)" and vote if you like it. )

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99SCARS5 days ago

Voted!! love the vibes check out my remix of this song and vote back.

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Thushantha5 days ago

Voted!!!!!!.Please vote my "Parade" remix.

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shafzz6 days ago

hey ! first of all great Remix !
You have got my vote because I like the track !!
Could you give feedback on my track : "Terminate"
Vote only if you think ive done a good job !!
thanks and Good Luck ..!

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Graddz™6 days ago

VOTED !! :)
Hey Man !! i just listen to your track and
its really great ,the drop is awesome !

Can you vote for my remix of vinai's parade :) and give a feedback .

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Facke6 days ago

Nice track man! Voted!
I also have a cool track, vote for it
thanks in advance!!!!

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