My new remix of Parade by VINAI! Enjoy! Tell me if you guys like it in the comments! Leave a vote if you like it!

joshua tom
joshua tom11 hours ago

your tracks are nice and catchy!!you have my vote!!pls vote back for my track timber and keep an eye on my soundcloud account i will follow you if you follow me

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neffect12 hours ago

Wow!!I like what you did what this one, you made some improvements that are actually better than the original track. I hope you do well in this contest. You certainly have my vote. Please take a listen and vote for my track "LET GO". Your comment or feedback is important so if you have some time I would appreciate it. Thank you and good luck!

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SolDin16 hours ago

Good remix!
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You have my Support!

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Papercut Killer
Papercut Killer20 hours ago

Voted! Vote for mine too if you like it. <3

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Bedside Venue
Bedside Venue1 day ago

Really nice and full ambiance with the strings/pads. Eww.. that drop is tasty. Hell yessss dude. This one is killer. Builds are nice and clean as well. Like that change ups in the second drop. Voted for sure. I'd appreciate it if you could drop a vote back on my remix as well. We are all squirrels just trying to get a nut, after all lol. Best of luck in the contest and stay golden, my friend :)

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Marrelix1 day ago

Great remix! Voted! Please vote back for my track "Marrelix - New Beginning (Demo)".
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Nenad Tevani
Nenad Tevani1 day ago

Nice music man! Please show your love and vote for my new track called ”All The Way“. Thank you and good luck

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Martin Time
Martin Time1 day ago

Nice Remixed

I voted for it
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Lazy-Cat1 day ago

Nice! Voted!
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but i would really appreciate if u Vote me back
Thanks for the support

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Calu2 days ago

Holy fuck :D This is lit!!!
Can u vote for me please i'd love it :D

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@TRYHARD2 days ago

nice dupstep drop m8! check out my remix of parade! vote if its good!

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Thushantha2 days ago

Voted!!!!Please vote my "Parade" remix.

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Deazyprod2 days ago

Nice track man! Voted!
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Thank you , Deazy

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Facke3 days ago

Nice track man! Voted!
I also have a cool track, vote for it
thanks in advance!

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BRYT3R4 days ago

Please vote back bro, it would mean heaps to me

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Beex24 days ago

Nice remix! Mind voting for my "You & I" remix? I vote back'

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Jansky Official
Jansky Official4 days ago

Awesome remix nicely done bro good luck !!
Voted & Supported !!
Please check out and vote back on my Avicii remix many thanks :)

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Antoine Mariel
Antoine Mariel4 days ago

Hi there. Wooooooh,Good job! I like your part very much and vote! It's really cool! I love this sound.
The cool drop is very impressive and the melody is awesome! I voted.
I have left a vote for your track. Could you vote back for my latest remix, "YOU & I" please? Thank you!
Good Luck !!!

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Rongga5 days ago

Nice ! Cool Drop! Voted !
Could you please vote & check my track " Story (Original Mix) " Thanks !

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Mumdy5 days ago

nice remix , can you listen mine

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