Remix for the Spinnin' Records Contest "VINAI - Parade" by VΛSKO . Groovy vibes, Summer feelings!


distymusic11 minutes ago

Awesome track dude, i like your vibes! Voted!
Check my new remix "Parade" and Vote it back!,

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Cool remix man!

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Newram4 hours ago

very very cool track, like!!

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Brake Marck
Brake Marck9 hours ago

Very good bro, you have a lot of talent, I liked it very much, you have my vote, check my Remix to the song of "VINAI - PARADE" (BRAKE MARCK REMIX) thank you and good luck 🤞. VOTE FOR VOTE :)

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Dot Disco
Dot Disco9 hours ago

Hey! Sick track bro, definitely voted!
If you want, check my track and vote for it. Cheers!

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theonr9910 hours ago

Voted! I really love this remix to be honest :)

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Don't Say13 hours ago

Voting for sure

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MixYourPassions15 hours ago

Nice! followed!

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Wavejackers16 hours ago

Fantastic Remix Bro VOTED!
Please listen to my track --- Wavejackers - Moonlight ---- ,vote and leave a comment if you like.
Thank you for your support.

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Adon Shoko
Adon Shoko17 hours ago

voted bro ! :D awesome remix !!!

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Lukrembo22 hours ago

Really great track! Good atmosphere with bridge and drop part is a bit messy and cool. so great job, could use some more synths with that drop part, but could also be my personal taste.
I voted XD!! Can you vote for my track 'This is the love'?

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mueenmusix22 hours ago

Hey Cool track it's good voted and supported.. 👍
Take a second to check out my new track "Infinity" and support me back..
Good luck have a good day.!!

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Jeco Ivan
Jeco Ivan1 day ago


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S44D1 day ago

Vocals Chops

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Axl Laleno
Axl Laleno1 day ago

like it bro. I vote for you (y)

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Nils Sifrin
Nils Sifrin1 day ago

Voted! Best remix I listend to so far. Please check my remix as well and vote if you like it. Much love... cannot wait for the summer btw.

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Ouzoum1 day ago

I Really Really Really Love This Remix VΛSKO Great Job !!! ♥‿♥
Voted ⊂◉‿◉つ
Keep up the great job man !!! ≧◠‿◠≦✌

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Karma Latino
Karma Latino1 day ago

This track is something different than others, i like how you made the drop with the vocals! voted :)

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Borche2 days ago

Nice, voted back!

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Ashish Langade
Ashish Langade2 days ago

Awesome remix, i love this............... greAt 1

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