yourboyhs5 days ago

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Maxmorn.5 days ago

Hey Maxmorn here really liked your track, voted bro. Would be great if u could vote for my track War OF Worlds. Thanks.

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MADLO5 days ago

hey great song nice melody i love the vibe for sure voted also im hoping you liken my track called technical

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RV1CE5 days ago

Hello I relate good voted track xD listens to my topic vandalism and votes you would help me very much :)

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Really cool man! You got my vote, I hope you like my track "Big Bounce"!

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2 The Sun
2 The Sun5 days ago

Hey Christopher Damas Awesome track !! Keep it up. It would be great if you could vote for my remix of Pray For Me by Kendrick and The Weeknd. Vote for vote? I'll follow you if you follow me.

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DJ CYRAX5 days ago

The best track of the Talent Pool! Greetings from Guatemala!

Score: 4
Imereli5 days ago

Nice tune, VOTED!
Please vote my track "ROAD"

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.D.R.A.Y.E.S.5 days ago

I only want that a answer, a answer for explain your misterious first place so thx for answer only want to talk. Why misterious? I tell you: first u only have 219 comments in the track, second you never comment in a track SO thats so misterious for be in a firts place on spinnin spam talent pool xd... soundcloud promote? no cause u only have 300 followers, instagram promote? hmm dude about your stats ( likes views.. ) and i think ( i dont now ) you dont promote on instagram for votes so probably my only explication its your spinnin 600 followers and i dont know cause the second boy have olso 600 and have 800 comments in a track so ?¿?¿... Answer me if u like and thx for your time I only tell you my impresions and problably more users think like me.. regards!

Score: -5
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NIKIMUSIC5 days ago

Hello CHRISTOPHER, listen to your song, incredible work that you did, I leave you my vote, please listen to my song Dreamer and leave me your vote, I hope I have been helpful, thanks!

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.D.R.A.Y.E.S.5 days ago

The Bot Man

Score: -3
Christopher Damas

I do not understand what you want to show your comment for the second time? my works, unlike yours, were taken three times, three tracks of the week + one release on spinnin talentpool, why am I The Bot Man? because I do not answer every comment? I do not need it, you can write a million times more, I do not care about anything, I do not care, I write music and most people like it, I like it as a kind of work, I send like all the other musicians. The fact that I have more people's coverage, and people vote, - I'm sorry. Send a lot of material, and you will begin to learn. Good luck to you . Thanks to everyone who likes my music and who votes for me. I wish everyone good luck, who sends their tracks here.

Score: 5
J Rovi
J Rovi5 days ago

Voted my track ALIVE! and I will voted you!

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Artista VN
Artista VN5 days ago

cool track mate, loved the vocal chops! voted!
if you wish check my latest track "Crazy About You"

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Strifff5 days ago

Check my last track "Strifff-Ghost (Original Mix)"
You have my Support!
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P.B5 days ago

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George.C5 days ago

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Clubzound Official

i wonder why they dont put more attention on you i mean , you russian , douche , vote buyer , nobody knows you , you made your hit , you have money , you are perfect for them haha , just wait till they need some gigs , good luck

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MiERS5 days ago

Dope track! Voted for you!
Would love it if you would vote for mine too <3

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DJ Jockey
DJ Jockey5 days ago

Hi nice track! VOTE!! Please vote back!!..

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Mj León
Mj León5 days ago

Me encanta, Votado. Espero que le eches un vistazo a mi pista "Time Out" y me mandes tu voto gracias.

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