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Spinnin Records
Spinnin' Records 2 days ago

Thanks for this one! The arrangement is a bit flat, after 1 minute nothing much really happens, so we kind of miss a storyline here. Try to tell the story without revealing the answer (chorus/drop) too soon. Also, mix-wise there's work to do. Compare your production to one of your favorite tunes and analyze the diffrences, this is a great tool to improve your production skills. Good luck!

Score: 5
the Voyager
the Voyager2 days ago

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Score: 1
AUZTN1 hour ago

Nice track! Voted!. Can you vote my track "Dreamer"? Thanks!

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JAY J3 hours ago

Nice track, good job, voted!

Check out my remix "Closure", make sure to vote!

Much love, thanks!

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AWSM13 hours ago

nice track, vote

I hope you also support me,with my new track "FEELINGS"
By giving feedback to my music thank you very much
And good luck#####

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CHEMITOE4 hours ago

hey guys if you want to hear a cool future bass version of Kshmr's House of Cards then head to my profile and vote. Cool track bro voted:)) lll

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